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As long-time specialist in wedding and birth announcement cards, we have had the privilege of being part of many happy occasions. We therefore understand the importance of this special event and thank you for choosing our services. We offer a large choice in high-quality, original and creative cards that will astonish your loved ones. Discover our wedding invitations, birth announcements, invitation cards, all with possibility to personalise. Since all products are produced in our workshops and have been for the past thirty years, we can provide you with quality and impeccable service.

High-quality products

We use different techniques to create our cards such as foil printing, embossing and die-cutting. Furthermore, a large part of our cards is decorated with satin ribbons, chiffon bows or other beautiful accessories to match the latest trends. As for the printing of our cards, for the best results, we prefer the traditional off-set procedure.

In order to give you a hand with assembling your own invite, we have added an explanatory video.

You would like to personalise your card?

BestofCards offers you the possibility to choose your text, font, text colour and photos. We also provide ideas for wording, adapted to your type of invitation. We will send you a PDF preview of your wording so that you can visualize your text and card. Your cards will be printed as soon as we have received your printing confirmation so no unpleasant surprises afterwards!

You are hesitating between cards?

We understand! That is why you can order samples against a small price* before your actual order. Your sample(s) will be delivered by post within 3-5 working days and will help you to be sure of your final choice. With your sample(s) you will receive a discount code for a total reduction of 3 on your actual order. Have a look at our Special Offers and Discounts and New Arrivals.

* 3 a sample (£2.40). All prices in pounds are estimations, depending on the current rate of exchange

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