Baby showers

With the world waiting for the royal new-born, we have been pretty excited about everything baby this week! People are taking bets on names and gender and we admit, we cannot wait to find out either! Will it be a girl or boy? Speculation is hinting towards a little girl but even Kate and William claim not to know what to expect!

The little prince or princess will be announced with a mixture of ancient and modern as was the case for baby brother George. Since social media have become increasingly important, Facebook and Twitter will be used in spreading the news. Mainstream media will of course be given a momentary head start in order to break the news simultaneously.
So much for the modern part… After this will come the more ancient tradition of posting a signed announcement on an easel outside Buckingham Palace. This announcement, signed by the delivery team at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington - led by Alan Farthing, the royal surgeon-gynaecologist - will be placed in a frame and put on the same gold-painted easel that was used for the birth of Prince George and his father, Prince William.

All of this excitement made us think about today’s subject: b a b y s h o w e r s a n d g e n d e r r e v e a l !
Since we have done a general blog on babyshowers already, SOS babyshower, this time we want to focus more on giving you some creative ideas that you can actually use for a babyshower or gender reveal party.

What is the difference between a shower and a reveal party?

Baby showers have been around for some time now, often hosted for the mummy-to-be (or both of the parents) by a friend or relative. The time, location and theme are sometimes kept a secret for the mummy, right until the day itself! All in all, it’s is an afternoon of laughter, spending time together and the occasional gifts (if you are struggling with gifts, have a look here for some ideas). It is not of importance for the baby shower whether the gender is known or not beforehand since the centre of attention if the mummy-to-be or parents to-be.

The gender reveal party trend has exploded over the past years, and it’s easy to see why! They offer a chance for parents-to-be to celebrate the reveal of their baby’s gender with family and friends – party style! Social media presence on Pinterest i.e. has helped increase the popularity of the gender reveal enormously.
So what is it? A gender reveal party is usually organized by the parents themselves, although it can also be organized by someone close to the parents as is the case for the baby shower. Since both the shower and the reveal party have quite a few points in common, parents usually opt for one or the other. What is different here is that, unlike at a baby shower, the baby’s gender is shared for the first time. The premise is to celebrate the surprise of finding out if the new baby will be a boy or a girl. Since this is such a wonderful and special moment, more and more parents like to share and enjoy it with family and friends and choose not to know beforehand so that they’ll be just as surprised as everybody else!

The how-to 1,2,3

A reveal party is an exciting event for guests and probably even more for the upcoming parents! There are many different ways to throw a reveal party and some of them already start with the invitation. On your invitation for example, you can ask your guests to dress up in a certain colour (gold or pink if they think it will be a girl, blue or brown if they think it’ll be a boy). Asking them to think about the baby’s gender immediately gets them involved and excited about the day itself.

You can make a reveal party as elaborate as you like but a good base to start from is by using two different colours, one indicating boy, the other girl. Once you have chosen your colours, you can decorate the party as far as your budget and your imagination car carry you! Some easy to put-together options include coloured cupcakes, pink/blue drinks, a boy/girl ice cream bar, coloured balloons & banners and coloured props.
Besides using colour, we have seen great examples of parties using sign that made the guests interact.

  • A sign with Old Wives’ Tales:

You are having a boy if your cravings are. A. Sweet B. Sour/Salty
Rebecca has been craving more salty foods (especially French cheese)

As a mom-to-be, you could add your own replies as in the example above.
You could hang up a board filled with a couple of tales or you could also have a quiz and let your guests answer.

  • Have a sign with your baby name options for boys and girls or have guests write down theirs on a chalk board.

  • Have a sign with or samples of your pregnancy cravings (think pickles, ice cream, and potato chips). This will definitely get your guests talking about their own pregnancy cravings!

  • Instead of asking your guests to dress their choice, you can ask them to cast their vote at the party. Let them write out their names on a big chalk board or cast their vote in one of two fish bowls. After having “voted” they could wear an item such as a button or sticker to visualize their vote (this can be a colour, a moustache/ribbon, a boy/girl sign).

  • Let them divide themselves into teams (team boy and team girl) and take pictures with coloured props/words such as pink and blue bead necklaces, pins, leis, or temporary tattoos. You could also have a photo booth with props or a sign saying “I think it’s a boy/girl” and have them take individual pictures.

How to reveal the gender of the baby

There are lots of clever ways people are revealing their baby’s gender. Getting creative with food can be an easy way to make your party extra festive – just don't forget the food dye! Classic is the gender-cake; a seemingly white cake with a coloured filling that will only be discovered once cut. If you prefer a smaller option and getting your guests a bit more active you could go for distributing cupcakes with a coloured heart and have people simultaneously take a bite. We have also heard of a couple that handed out large cake pops to their guests, but only one of them had a coloured centre. This makes it extra exciting for people when taking their bite.

Balloons-in-a-box is one of the hottest trends going.
"We had the doctor write down the gender, and my mom brought the envelope to the grocery store and asked the clerk to fill a large box with either pink or blue balloons," says recent mom Angela. "We opened the box in front of our friends and family – and blue balloons flew out!"
Those looking for a smaller-scale idea can ask a party supply store to fill a large black balloon with either pink or blue confetti, and then wield a pin at the party.
Instead of popping a gender balloon, how about a gender piñata with coloured confetti inside? You and your love can take turns swinging at it.
A smaller scale idea that can be shared with all guests is using confetti poppers. Interested in making them? Here is how!

How about going on a scavenger hunt with your guests? One of our customers had a hunt for Easter eggs which is a great outdoors activity, especially for children. Only one of them contained a little slip saying “It’s a boy”…). Another fun idea is using silly strings. You hand out cans of silly string wrapped in white paper to your guests, countdown and let them spray you with silly string (the results are best if you are wearing white).

Other activities with your party guests

During the party, and before the big reveal, it’s a good idea to add a couple of fun games for your guests. Have people test their baby knowledge with a baby quiz! Think of questions like What is the most popular month/day of the week for babies to be born when someone may be more/less likely to have a boy/girl etc.  People love to get involved, even more if there is a small prize for winning it!

Wishes for the baby This is a lovely and meaningful activity we heard of recently from one of our customers, perfect for a gender reveal party! Prepare slips of paper, pens, and envelopes for your guests to write notes to your future babe! Your child will definitely cherish these thoughtful letters in the future!

Invitation reveal

A third category that fit’s in the middle of the baby shower and the reveal party is the invitation reveal. This is for parents who want to share their baby’s gender beforehand by post. The reveal can be just that or it can be a premise for a baby shower invitation. You can get as creative if you like in making the invite and trust us, there is a lot out there! Personalised photo invitations are all the rage because they allow you to personalize the invite and included you, your love, your children and pets (if you have any).

Nowadays a reveal card is often divided into several gradually changing photos (2-5); allowing you to gradually reveal the baby’s gender, almost as if your guests were present in the room. For this, the possibilities are endless but some of our favourites include using balloons out of a box, blowing pink/blue confetti, blowing bubble gum and smashing one of the two, using paint to colour the belly.

Siblings will love to be part of the reveal as they hold up an It’s a boy/girl/ sign or waiting for a brother/sister sign.

Popular today are photo invites with colour! Coloured cups, umbrellas, or a coloured sash tied around the belly. To give an even bigger contrast and make the colour stand out, the rest of the picture is in tones of black & white. Maybe you have a thing for using words or word props on your card. How about Scrabble letters or building blocks that spell out it’s a boy/girl! Another cute idea is to use a book related to the gender like How to be a gentleman. If not, writing in the sand or banners with text are also a popular choice.

If you don’t want to leave any doubt, you can take pictures with baby props. Little coloured shoes, a baby outfit or coloured pacifier.

Sweets such as pink/blue cotton candy, cupcakes, lollipops, or bubble gum are also a cute way to indicate your baby’s gender.

Let us know how you revealed or celebrated your little one! Looking forward to hearing from you!