How to organize a baby shower?

Baby showers are said to date as early as the late eighteen hundreds and continue being popular today. They are a great way to gather friends and family for a day of fun around the tummy! Surprise party or well-planned with parents in advance, baby showers are a hit.

Generally, showers are hosted by somebody close to the mummy-to be like a sister or friend before the baby is born. If you are hosting a shower you might want to start planning on time to make sure everything will run as smooth as possible, especially if she’s close to the D-date. The last thing you want to do is stress during the day itself. So for a bit of help, we put together a few points to consider when organizing:

Inviting in advance

First of all, who is coming? Decide on whom to invite. Is it going to be a girls only celebration or are you inviting the men as well? You don’t want to forget a childhood-friend or appreciated colleague, so brainstorm with somebody just in case. It is however common to invite close colleagues, friends and family members. Once the list is made, send out the invitations and it’s best to do a couple of weeks in advance. This allows you to make an estimation of the number of people to take into consideration (some might not come or you might even want to add others you forgot about), and it also gives guests enough time to shop!

Tip! Ad RSVP cards or ask people to confirm by mail to keep track.


Now here is where the fun starts since no partly is complete without a theme! It is also a lot easier to start making preparations for a baby shower if you know what theme you are looking for! Keeping in mind the mummy-to-be’s or parents’ preferences of course! Since the list of ideas is endless, we have listed two of our favourite themes here:

    • For the hot days to come, why not organize a beach-themed baby shower outside? Think beach balls, beach chairs, sand, sun and surf boards. Your guests will love the cooling summer foods such as melon, strawberries (with a touch of cool whip or whipped cream of course!) cold salads, cucumber sandwiches and popsicles. Throw in a couple of cocktails, homemade lemonades and aloha to a fabulous afternoon! Ask your guests to dress up for a day of summer fun and think off matching games.


    • A star is born! Use the theme of stars to decorate the shower. Silver, yellow and blue with some shimmer will liven up your decoration. Have guests write their wishes on falling cardboard stars to hang up. Small sandwiches or cakes can be easily made in star or moon shape.


  • Tip! It might be good to think about the theme before sending out the invitations if you are thinking of asking people to dress up or bring a present related to the theme.

Let’s play

Usually baby showers last a couple of hours, and alternate gift giving, eating/drinking and games (yes games!) Think about starting the shower with one or two ice breakers and let people introduce themselves and their relation to the baby since some people might not know each other.

    • There are so many fun and easy ways to keep people interacting that we have listed couple of our favourite ones below.


    • Guess mummy’s tummy size: have people cut strings to the size they think will fit around the tummy


    • Baby Shower Trivia game: who has the biggest general knowledge about babies?


    • Guess the baby: Let guests brings one of their own baby pictures, hang them up and have everybody guess who’s who!


  • Baby Scrambler: scramble up the letters of baby words. Pacifier for example could become preifcai. Who can unscramble the words fastest?

Gift giving

Of course, some gifts always come in handy such as diapers of which you can probably never have too much! But you could let people know in advance what is needed by making an on-line gift list. People simply pick the item they are planning on getting. No double or triple gifts anymore and it will allow you to aim for what is needed. At the same time people will immediately know what to buy, save time and be sure that the gift comes in handy!

Another way of preventing double gifts is by assigning each guest a certain time of day in the baby’s life like naptime, breakfast, bath time, story time. Let guests bring a suitable gift to their assigned time of day.

If you want to be sure to have a functional gift, get one or two bigger ones like a stroller or cradle and have everybody chip in. Especially first time parents will appreciate this!

If the shower is only for the mummy, she might also enjoy being pampered with a gift basket, name bracelet or gift certificate to a spa! After all, she is doing quite a bit of the hard labor!

All in all, if the mummy or parents-to be are very lucky, they will be “showered” with wishes and maybe even quite a few gifts! But since this can be a bit long for guests, especially with children present, how about a game of Baby Bingo! Put a number on each gift when guests arrive and make sure you have some bingo cards to hand out. The mummy will turn the wheel and pick the present with the matching number to unwrap. The first guest to have Bingo gets a small gift!

Yet the most important thing is spending a day of fun, whether it’s just with the mummy-to-be or both parents and whether the party is a surprise or not. You will enjoy a day together and have something to look back on once the baby is there. Don’t forget to take pictures!