Spending quality time with everybody on your wedding day, to say the least, is quite the challenge. Time seems to be going twice as fast. Having some sort of guest book is a great way to relive the day and remember each single guest’s presence. Depending on the connection to the bride and groom, guests might want to leave a poem, a piece of advice or a cherished memory. However in the spur of the moment, writing a heart-felt message can be quite difficult and often couples are left with a book of signatures that remain on the shelf, covered in layers of dust. The solution? An alternative guestbook!

Pre-printed Questions

If you are looking to tackle the lack of inspiration some might feel, pre-printed questions are a great idea.

How? Print little cards (enclosure card size) with a couple of questions like What’s the secret to a great marriage? or When did you know we were in love? Spread them over the tables and have a big glass bowl to collect them in afterwards. Make sure to include space for guests to sign and date them. Stick to 3 different questions that are fun to answer and fun to read! Can you share a nice/funny anecdote on the couple? etc. Looking for more creative ideas to use your guest book other than shelf material? Just continue reading! From Polaroid to postcard, here are a couple of our alternative guestbook favourites that might get the inspiration going all by itself…

The Dictionary

Ask your guests to look for a word in the dictionary to describe your couple, circle it and scribble their name next to it. We absolutely love this idea because it is simple and practical!

Book of love poems

Vintage books are so elegant and beautiful. Thrift a couple of books of love poems and have guests parse through them to find their favorite verses. Have them circle it and leave a personal note.

The bench

Looking for something romantic and useful? One of our couples was looking for something useful for their garden and asked guests to sign a wooden bench. They used special wood markers and framed an easy instruction next to it. This idea works well with all wooden objects like swings, tables or rocking chairs. Looking for something smaller? Have guests engrave a slice of wood that you can later on hang up on the wall as decoration. This will also fit perfectly to any outdoor wedding theme.

Photo booth or Polaroid

Create a wedding Guest Book with photo booth photos or Polaroids. Photo booths nowadays come in many different styles and are available with or without accessories. If a photo boot is not an option, just put a Polaroid Camera for guests to take their own picture. The photos can afterwards be signed and hung up on a washing line for the entire party or put into a guest book.

The Map

Travel lovers, this one is for you! This is a great idea if you are having a wedding with international guests or a wedding abroad. Have guests sign a country of choice on a map of the world or on a vintage globe. This could be their home country, a great destination tip or a place where you spent time together.


Have a selection of postcards for guests to choose from and ask them to leave you a small message on the back. Have someone collect the cards and send the cards to you throughout the year. Every time you will go to the mailbox, it will be with a smile!


Engraving items you actually want to use or use as decoration is a great way to treasure the memory of everybody that attended your day. Decorative dishes: Have guests sign decorative plates for a beautiful wall hanging for your new home. Instead of engraving you could also use special pens or markers: a guitar (or other instrument), wine bottles, vinyl discs with the couple’s favourite songs (Thrift some vintage records and grab a paint pen. Then frame them and hang them on your wall!) or stone pebbles for the garden (have your guests sign river rocks instead of a guest book and you’ll have something you can display in your home for years.)

Message in a bottle

One of our favourite ideas is the message in a bottle. This idea works really well with any vintage-inspired theme or even a nautical theme. Just have you guests fill in a small note, tie it up with a piece of strings and put it in a large bottle. This makes perfect decoration that many couples love to put on display.

Guest BOX

If you are looking for something a bit more “high-tech”, have a ‘guest BOX’ instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video.

An alternative guestbook is a fun way to get guests chatting and mingling at the start of your reception and help get the creativity flowing.