Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their second child this month! While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are already parents to the world's most famous tot, Prince George, their new baby will be an exciting addition to their growing family. According to Kensington Palace, Kate is due to give birth in less than two weeks, and in response, preparations are being made for the media to cover the big event. In 2013 during the big "Kate wait", press stationed themselves outside the hospital for up to a month before the Duchess gave birth. As the world awaits the arrival of Kate Middleton and Prince William's second child, parking restrictions outside of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital in London officially went up on Tuesday, April 14. The new baby, boy or girl, will become fourth in line to the throne, pushing Prince Harry to fifth. Baby George is third and likely to become Britain's monarch one day. William is second in line, while his father, Prince Charles, is first.

The big question remains… Will it be a girl or a boy? Probably one of the most asked questions today even though girls' names currently dominate the bookies' ten top spots for royal baby names. Most people would put their bets on Alice, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Victoria and Alexandra. Will it be a girl? We admit that most of us here like to think so… But wait! What if it’s a boy? Not a single boy's name appears in the top five. The current favourite for a boy is James, which is the name of the Duchess's brother. Even though we are all pretty excited to know Victor/ Victoria remember we had to wait a month to know Charles’ name, a week for William and two days for George’s!

Did you know that in the old days, the Minister of Home Affairs attended a royal birth to confirm its legitimacy? This tradition was however abolished after the birth of Princess Alexandra, a cousin to Queen Elizabeth.

Did you know that 103 canons will be shot in order to salute the new-born and the Union-Jack will be hoisted at all government official buildings?

Did you know that the baptism dress is a replica of the satin and lace dress worn by the eldest daughter of Victoria in 1841?