Being pregnant and fit

Being pregnant and fit might sound to some as the impossible combo! Even though it may be a bit more difficult, it is far from being impossible! Given you adapt your physical activity you can stay very active well into your pregnancy. Keeping fit and fabulous without putting too much tension or yourself or the baby? Here is how!

You might be thinking: Exercising, really? Give me a break! In that case you might want to have a look at our article on how to relax, another important side of being a mommy-to-be, but we admit that being in shape has its benefits too.


Exercising regularly will help improve your posture, your blood circulation, and even prepare you for labour thanks to improved breathing! Did you know that women who exercise during pregnancy are 20% less likely to have a caesarean section? During the first trimester, it’s okay to continue dynamic sports such as biking or running. These toning activities will help get your heart rate going and burn toxins and calories at the same time. However, even though exercising has a lot of positive aspects, you should be mindful about it as you reach the second trimester. If you aren’t used to a lot of exercise, be careful of starting now! If you are really motivated then pick something light and opt for sports that allow you to work your muscles in debt and relief stress at the same time such as swimming, gymnastics or yoga. After exercising, keep in mind that relaxing is equally important and recover by drinking enough fluids and eating healthy. Take some time off to give the body a break. Get comfy and snug and take out your favourite book or look for your baby announcement.

Mommy workout

Being pregnant for 9 months and then giving birth, naturally startles the body. Wait a couple of weeks before picking up sports again and talk to your physician beforehand. He or she should be able to inform you on how and when is a good time to start “working out”.

Then, little by little get back into the rhythm. Yoga exercises are great to help rebuild muscle tissue and endurance which you will need before you can do some serious cardio. Starting cardio too soon or too intensely can result in back pains, painful feet and can even have a negative effect on your breast milk. Don’t discard something simple as walking. Go for walks and increase your pace or distance when it starts getting too easy after a while (pushing the stroller is a great exercise for that matter!)

If you are interested in doing a bit more exercise, there are some great exercises on the net that you can do together with your baby!