Did you ever consider walking down the aisle with a bouquet of garlic and dill? Probably not and most brides-to-be will rejoice the change of these condiments for flowers! However, according to tradition originating from the time of the Plague brides did carry garlic and dill as protection against diseases. Over time, bridal bouquets have gotten a more decorative purpose. Flowers are a timeless choice for a wedding bouquet but for brides nowadays there is more and we are not just talking about different bouquet shapes! A unique, original wedding bouquet without flowers? We have listed some ideas to get the inspiration going whether you are looking for a collection of vintage, Great Gatsby, alternative or natural to hold as you are walking down the aisle.


For an original bouquet you could think about using fabrics like chiffon, satin or tulle. Go for flowers shapes if you want to keep things ‘’traditional’’ or let it literally all hang loose to create a waterfall effect. Once decided on the fabric(s) you might want to consider adding some embellishments such as buttons, ribbons or pearls. The great thing about working with fabrics is that they are so easy to adapt to any colour theme. Opt for fabrics that match your dress or go for brightly coloured combinations. Overall neutral bouquets with dashes of colour are also possible and so are shimmering pearl, silver and golden bouquets.

Paper flower bouquet

One of the most recent bouquet trends is the (single) paper flower or paper bouquet. Make a statement with a big flower in a bright colour (fuchsia, red) or have smaller flowers in different kinds of paper, mixing printed paper (music partitions, book pages) with colours. If you do no shy away from creativity, the Origami bouquet might be the thing for you!

Brooch bouquet

This year the vintage and Great Gatsby theme have inspired many wedding bouquets in colour and in style. Combine romantic peonies with jewelry such as brooches, pearl necklaces or cameos. Feeling a bit more daring? Go for a complete broche bouquet! Have a look at bouquets with different types of brooches in the same colour or colour palette and combine with pearls. So stylish! Dare to be different and go steampunk by adding buttons, watches or even feathers.

Tip: “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue” Ask your friends and female family members to bring you a brooch before the wedding and make a bouquet out of this collection as personalized good luck charm!

Swirling metal bouquet

Another original and alternative steampunk option is the metal bouquet. If you want to soften up the robust image of the metal, simply add pearls or diamonds. We admit that these bouquets can get a bit more expensive if you buy them ready made but they do make beautiful lasting decoration!


Succulents are a hit right now because of their velvet-like green colours that blend perfectly to a vintage or garden wedding theme. If you cannot do without flowers, combine them with soft tones of pink, yellow or even deep Bordeaux red. Hello small roses, baby breath and eucalyptus! If not, go all succulents!


We love the idea of a shell bouquet, especially for those late-summer weddings in September! Combine different shapes and colours of shells with succulents or greens for a beautiful natural-looking bouquet.

Whether you prefer contacting a specialist or going DIY, you can be sure that these original, alternative bouquets will add a lot of personality to your big day!