You have the dress, the accessories; everything is ready for the big day! The only thing left is the hair! Yes ladies, the hair is the final touch to every bride! Up, down, half-up, wavy, straight, loose…the possibilities are limitless. There as so many different hair styles to choose from that we have decided to stick with those that will be in fashion next year.


The chignon

If you have a great dress, a complicated updo isn’t needed. Voilà the Chignon! Chignon is the French word for bun, but in its American and British usage, it's an abbreviated term, originating from the phrase "chignon du cou," or "bun at the nape of the neck." Chignons have traditionally been worn low on the head and can be achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head. Still the number 1 look for brides, the chignon can be worn classy, in twisted plats or even disheveled (walking the line between edgy and elegant; the disheveled chignon is the perfect way to soften the look of a structured gown). At the latest Bridal Fashion Week, models were spotted wearing the chignon quit low, together with head pieces or even sleek and twisted with a section of hair around the updo's base until it formed a low bun. The great thing about this hair style is that you can’t go wrong with it. No matter how you wear it, it has a touch of elegance and romance to it.

Tip: Going for vintage? Add some volume at the crown and go for a tucked-under chignon or a side-swept chignon. Leave your bangs out and add some curl! Or, add a sparkling headband—it’s a simple addition that’s sure to dazzle your guests. Love those flower crowns? Embrace your inner flower child with a petal-pushing style. Going for modern? A loose, wavy, asymmetrical shape will give the classic chignon a modern twist.


The natural style

Natural styled hair is getting more and more popular for weddings but since your hair will be a big focus point, better prepare in advance! It may seem like a long way off but if you want perfect hair in your wedding pictures 6 months in advance is the time to create (and keep!) good hair habits, from the food you eat to the supplements you take. So prepare well in advance by using products that suit your hair type. A week before the big day, make sure to comb your hair regularly and use a quality brush, it will leave your hair shiny and in better condition to work with.


Dress it down

For a touch of glam we advise you to go for a natural but classy look. Wear your hair loose in a popular side style and add an accessory like a headband. Just because the style looks natural doesn’t always mean that it doesn’t require a bit of work. You want it looking natural and stylish, not out of bed. The dress to pair it with? Opt for a dress with a straightforward neckline, this kind of as a sweetheart prime, to perform up the soft femininity of this design.

For short hair, have a look at different headbands or go for a youthful fresh look by putting your hair sleek behind the ears.


The Ponytail

Another natural style is the pony tail. The pony tail is making its comeback in 2015 in different forms and shapes! Oscar de la Renta had his models wear sleek, shiny layers in a center-parted ponytail, which was tucked underneath the base of the style, and accented with a diamond headband. Other ponytail styles spotted: disheveled with volume at the crown and added accessories.


The Soft Side Braid

With pearls, flowers or ribbons, it’s ideal for a relaxed wedding ceremony such as 1 outdoors or in a non-classic setting. Irrespective of how you select to accessorize the search, the best dress for this ‘do is one particular with Grecian-type draping.

No matter the choice, your hair should underline your beauty and match your dress style so go for an updo that suits face, dress and personality. To figure out the best style for your big day have a couple of test runs with you hair dresser. The day of your wedding should not be the day of your trial.