My bohemian wedding : chic & jazzy !

A chic bohemian setting

Concerning the venue, opt for an old dwelling such as a manor, perfect for a bohemian chic atmosphere. You can also choose a hall or room of character, with stones, exposed beams, a glass roof or a glass wall. The setting will be rustic, so that the "wild" side reminds us of the authentic and true character, mixed with luxury and subtlety.

In terms of decoration, bewitch the guests! You can hunt antique decorative objects in flea markets such as old books, pretty boxes, frames, vases of various shapes and heights and, on the tables, country flowers in pastel colours like antique rose. For dinner, you can select old porcelain dishes that will remind you of the sweet meals of yesteryear...


A jazzy atmosphere during the cocktail !

To spread even more poetry in this thousand wonders' setting, choose a jazz band or a playlist that will broadcast melodies from the Liberty print years! Include one or two songs by Léa Deman to punctuate this cocktail in a gentle and romantic way. This jazzy touch promises to make your guests dream and make them travel on unforgettable melodies...


A bride and groom so beautiful

Dear bride and groom, remain in the retro chic theme for your outfit! Elegant, the wedding dress can be light, flowing and simple, for even more authenticity. Put on some lace for a chic vintage effect. To accessorize, choose a nice head band for even more softness. For the groom, you should rather opt for a bow tie, a three-piece suit in grey tones rather than black, a small pastel rose flower on the jacket to accessorize and why not a hat if you feel you can wear one!


 To be complete, announce the most romantic day of your life with wedding invitations on the Liberty print theme ! Square or panoramic, Best of Cards offers you a range of invitations with different Liberty printed ribbons, ideal for a bohemian and shabby chic theme.


 The bohemian chic wedding has only one limit : your imagination! Between creativity, conviviality and poetry, make your wedding a soft and sparkling star.