What music for your wedding? For which moment of the day? Who should be in charge?

 Those are questions that need answers before the big day because, as the inescapable wedding dress or the traditional wedding invitation, music is also very important... 

The ceremony


This moment will remain in the memory of both bridegrooms and guests, so it is important to make it good. Whether you decide to have a civil or religious ceremony, you need to choose a nice, sweet and romantic melody: a classical tune, an instrumental version, a song that fits you, or even the Wedding March.You can even program some music during the signatures, a formal moment that can be a bit boring for the guests. You can ask a relative, who will make sure that the music begins when it should, to evoid an anticlimax.

The cocktail or vin d'honneur


If you wish to program some music during this moment, it should be a simple background music so it does not disturb the often animated conversations at this moment of the day when stress and emotions are less present.

When entering the dining room

At this moment, later in the day, the stress is less present, so do not hesitate to program some rythmic music, that will make everyone happy and launch the dancing. Please yourself by programing your favorite artist's song.

The cake arrival

Always solemn, the arrival of the wedding cake is an important moment when you will have to face your guests again. Enlightening this moment with a song will allow you to feel less « alone »; you can for instance choose a rythmic music which will make your guests clap their hands, or a more theatrical music, like a movie soundtrack for a dramatic effect. 




The dancing

This last step is the most anticipated one, and you should not disappoint your guests.

Of course, this is something you have to think about as soon as you begin the preparations so that you can find, choose and test your DJ or orchestra. It means that you have to start your enquiry in advance because a good provider has to be booked long before the big day: you have to weigh the pros and cons between two formulas, try to listen to their music so you can know their styles. You will have to discuss with them, try to suggest your own playlist, because you need to please everybody. Satisfying everyone is not an easy deal, so you will have to compromise.

Even if some tracks are not your cup of tea, you will probably have to program some popular songs to please one part of the family which enjoy this kind of music. Don't forget the music from the 80s, that can gather all generations, and also contemporary music for the youngest and the dance floor enthousiasts!

A DJ would bring a festive ambiance and know the tracks that can make people dance. He would know what music styles are trendy and program all kind of music.

An orchestra, would be a more glamorous choice, and also a more expensive one, but would have the advantage of playing live music; musicians and singers would set a good ambiance. However, their styles can be less diversified.

Last recommandation, don't miss the opportunity to impress your guests with the ball opening, because this moment is yours; slow dance or choregraphy, romantic or crazy, love song that you love or success song that everyone can sing, make sure to be pleased by your first dancing as a couple...