Choosing the right bridal bouquet

According to your dress

The first thing to consider is of course your wedding outfit, whether you have chosen a traditional wedding dress or a more original one. For example, if your dress is coloured, beware of bad colour combinations that could spoil the harmony. Choose white and delicate flowers, a trendy monochrome bouquet matching the colours of the dress or a composition in a variation of shades from one colour. If your dress is white, try more colourful flowers, such as red roses for the most classic or a mixture of subtle colours, and avoid white, cream, ivory or champagne that would not stand out and give a dull overall impression. Feel free to recall a detail of the dress in the bouquet, such as lace or pearls. In any case, you can get advice from a florist, his artist's eye can perfectly help you!


A bouquet according to your body shape

In addition to the dress, it is also important to choose a bouquet form adapted to your body shape. If you are tall and slender, opt for a cascading and contemporary bouquet, adding foliage to match your slim waist. If you have rather a generous body shape, avoid the classic round bouquet and choose a long-stemmed bouquet which will give an impression of lengthening.


According to the theme of the wedding

Adapt your bouquet according to your wedding theme! Choose country flowers if your wedding is rather vintage or retro, delicate flowers accompanied by cinnamon sticks for example for an oriental wedding, a wild and natural bouquet for a bohemian wedding, or a more structured and trendy bouquet for an urban day. Unique, this bouquet will reflect the theme of this day of a thousand wonders... 


Your favourite flowers

Of course, the choice of your bouquet will also depend on the flowers you like, and sometimes on your desires and the season during which the wedding takes place. You can choose flowers that are dear to you, symbolic or significant, to which you can add a unique accessory, such as a jewel from your mother or grandmother. Of course, adapt your desires to the season in which you are getting married. In spring, go for freshness such as lilies of the valley or peonies, roses in summer, camellias in winter and dahlias in autumn, for example, depending on your favourite flowers. Be creative and play with your favourite colours.


Throwing the bouquet !

Don't forget that you can throw your bouquet, for the happiness of all the young single girls! A little lucky charm that was once offered to the Gods once the ceremony was over to bring luck to the newlyweds, it is now being thrown for one's single friends who are all throwing themselves after it! It would bring them luck for their future loves... A real entertainment, bouquet throwing is often very joyful and festive, you can do it in an original way! If you don't want to give your bridal bouquet away and want to dry it to keep it, then plan another bouquet... One, two, three throw!


Announce it with flowers…

Take the opportunity to compose your first bouquet of flowers as soon as your wedding is announced, by choosing an appropriate invitation! Some ideas below and the rest here...

Wedding invitations and flowers