Choosing the right wedding dress

Traditional, modern, minimalistic… How do you choose the right dress? Where to begin with so much choice? Since many brides-to-be struggle with this question we decided to list a couple of tips and tricks to take into consideration when you are on the lookout for the perfect gown!

Your personality and expectations

We figure that the best starting point should be you! What makes you the person you are? If you had to describe yourself, would you then say classy, modern or maybe extravagant? Look for a dress that suits your personality. While trying on dresses, you will immediately feel what is comfortable and what puts a smile to your face. This matters! Everybody will be looking forward to seeing you shine and the most important thing for this is that you feel beautiful.

Tip: Feel like surprising people? Dare to use colour! Hints of yellow, red, fuchsia, blue or green, you name it. The sky is the limit! If you are planning your wedding around a specific theme you can try to use the colour palette that comes with it. A (late) summer garden wedding in September will look beautiful with a bit of extra colour so don’t shy away from it and have a look at the colour possibilities we have prepared for you on our Pinterest page. If you feel that the dress should traditionally be white, it can be very interesting to play with different fabrics such as silk, lace or satin to show your personality. Creativity is the key word, so don’t hold back when it comes to expressing your style.

Your body and features

Knowing your body is important since a well-adjusted dress will make your body look even better. So think about emphasizing your best features. Show off those beautiful legs or that gorgeous waist. A voluptuous, curvy figure? Yes please! Your features will help you decide on your final choice and trust us… there is a dress for everybody! Feeling a bit lost in dress terminology? Have a look at the dress-shapes ABC

Tip: Don’t hesitate contacting specialist shops and asking a friend or family member to come along. After all, they probably know a bit about you and can help you make a first cut, faced with all that wedding wonder! Specialist shops are able to advice you on styles and fabrics since they know what dress and which fabric goes best with your body shape. They have an objective point of view and have not struggled through 5 shops before coming here. Let them know what you have in mind, what the general feel of the dress has to be like (Bohemian, Roaring Twenties, Princess…)

Empire, A-line, mermaid, ball gown… Try on different dresses to have a better idea of all possibilities and to really see what each dress style can do for your body. If the dress happens to be a bit too large or tight, they are able to adjust it to fit your body perfectly.

Try on the dress with shoes, even if they are not the ones you are getting. Important is to make sure they are the right height. Once you wear the dress with shoes you have a better idea of how it will look in the end. Add accessories as finishing touch.

Your budget

Wedding dresses can run into the thousands which can take up a good portion of your budget. So, how to look amazing and serve your guests with something to eat and drink at the same time? For all of you BOB’s out there (Bride On a Budget), do not despair! You can have a beautiful wedding dress AND be on a budget! How?

#1 Some mass retailers also do wedding dresses! With the money you save you could personalize the dress to suit your style by adjusting sleeves or adding a couple of lovely embellishments. Voilà, a personalized dress!

#2 Have a look online at some websites that specialize in discount dresses. These can be overstock that the shop was unable to sell. It might not be the latest fashion but you will find good quality dresses, reasonably priced.

#3 Consider buying a second-hand dress or consignment selling. Ok, this dress has been worn before but only once! You can have it professionally cleaned if necessary and have a still beautiful looking dress for a bargain price.

Tip: If you do not want to go bankrupt straight away there are ways of finding an affordable and beautiful wedding dress. Follow your good sense when it comes to price and fix a budget before going online. This will help you stick to your original plan. Good luck!

Tell your story on the aisle

We love this idea since it is so simple to put together. Embellish a paper aisle runner with your love story; first time you met, first kiss, the proposal. Be creative! Or how about the lyrics to YOUR song or pictures of the both of you! A favourite poem? Either choice will give a lot of personality to the ceremony. Put it all together on the runner and have a last look down as you walk down the aisle.