Oriental Wedding

An oriental theme for my wedding

You are about to let yourself be tempted by an oriental theme for your wedding. Yes, but what type of decoration will you be looking for: the sunny Maghreb of North Africa, the Middle East and its Thousand and One Nights, or Bollywood-style Indian? All you know is that you want it colourful and festive. Best Of Cards gives you lots of tips for your decoration, but also for your wedding announcement, a reflection of the upcoming day.


The decoration of your wedding venue

When your guests enter the room where the festivities will be held, they will be captivated and enchanted by the atmosphere you have created. But this will require some work...

Do not hesitate to attach draperies with coloured and spicy fabrics, in silk or cashmere, on a fuchsia and orange duo for example. Add colonial-style wooden furniture carved with oriental motifs, which you can buy at low prices at flea markets. Place on top of them little statuettes and sculptures of Buddha or Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. Finish with rose petals on the floor, and you'll have a Bollywood atmosphere at its best!

For a more Moroccan style, decorate your venue with warm coloured carpets on the floor and low furniture for an intimate atmosphere. Complete with arbours on which you will have great veils to give your guests the illusion of being in a Bedouin tent. For the bride and groom, a throne made of carved wood or woven wicker will have been provided. Also consider hanging oriental lanterns for a romantic touch. Gold will be the key to perfecting your typical Maghreb decor.

Place profusion of colourful cushions and poufs on carpets on the floor, as well as candle holders and tea sets on low tables. This will create a friendly atmosphere, which will put your loved ones at ease and give them the feeling of being transported to a Palace of the Arabian Nights... Here touches of silver will be the best way to sublimate your decoration.

 Oriental Decoration


An abounding and colourful table

An oriental wedding table should evoke wealth and abundance. Then do not skimp on the quantity and colours! For a Bollywood theme, we will think of basins filled with brightly coloured floating candles, or golden ones for a Maghreb theme.  They will be accompanied by the Hindu statuettes mentioned above, and by a multitude of floral arrangements that you will have prepared with originality in unusual containers such as a teapot or a tagine dish.

 Candle in a flowered basin with water


On your table centres, plan large cups of exotic fruit typical of the Mediterranean basin or India: orange, lemon, dates, figs... Throughout your large tables, one will find lanterns and candles, essential to a setting of a Thousand And One Nights.


Moroccan Lantern


The joy of welcoming your guests can be expressed through tiny gifts that you can leave at each place. Small spice bags with flavours and colours that will make your guests travel, little honey glass jars for the sweetness of oriental nights, metal cans containing tea or beauty products made from argan oil or shea butter. And why not mini elephants or camels made of wood or porcelain?....



Your Oriental Wedding Invitation

 To announce your wedding, you will have to choose an invitation in accordance with your oriental theme.

 For a bright Bollywood atmosphere, discover in video a range of fuchsia, green, turquoise, gold and silver colours. Arabesques, embossed traditional hot-stamping, rhinestone hearts and satin ribbons complete your wedding invitation. The wide choice of colours will allow you to find the card that perfectly matches your theme.



Make the Maghreb sun shine by opening the oriental gates with our golden metallic invitation, its tassel and its embossed patterns. This model is also available in silver.



For your Arabian Nights theme, you may prefer an original parchment invitation: your guests will untie a satin ribbon and unroll the invitation in cream, silver, or night velvet.



May your oriental wedding be colourful and bright, just like your theme and the atmosphere of the D-Day...

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