Pregnant woman with little pink shoes

Excited about being pregnant but less looking forward to dress pregnant (i.e. tent dresses and sweats)? Nowhere is it written that you have to clear out a section of your wardrobe for maternity clothes. With a few simple adjustments you can look good, at any point of your pregnancy! You go hot mama!

Your style is your identity so why change because of a bigger tummy? Stick to clothes that made you feel beautiful before your pregnancy and try to adjust them to your body. If you wear a lot of black because it makes you feel confident, then by all means, don’t change to pink or blue because you’re pregnant! If you do, you might take away a big part of what “you” are all about. Don’t forget that we dress our personality.


On a budget

Ok, you are getting bigger and your jeans don’t seem to fit the way they used to... What to wear? We all have a couple of items that we choose to wear, let’s say after Christmas or any other period when we’re feeling a bit more “round” than usual. These items are a great starting point! This is what makes you feel comfy so when you start looking for clothes, bear these in mind.

Now, you can either adapt your wardrobe so that you can continue to wear your favourite items, or shop for the occasion. Unfortunately as your waistline expands, your budget doesn’t grow in the same pace. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, you can tweak a lot of your clothes, just by being a bit inventive about them. A rubber through the button hole and wrapping it around the button can give you a couple of extra inches in your favourite jeans! A store bought alternative is the belly band that will hold up your jeans without having to close the zipper. When looking around, for ideas, a good tip that is often set aside is to BORROW. You heard it, borrow before you buy! Think about it. You might have friends who have been there and have a lot of clothes left. Maternity clothes can be expensive so before going bankrupt, ask around! We can grow so fast during pregnancy that some items are only worn for a couple of weeks. Thrift shops or consignment shops often have a lot of good items for a small price. If you have no problem getting clothes second-hand, this is a great compromise


Buying mama-clothes!

The time has come to go out and shop (a little). If you’re dreading this day, keep in mind that comfy clothes can be very trendy. For starters, if your regular clothes are getting too tight but you’re not ready to buy a complete mama-wardrobe, think of the basics such as a pair of black leggings (you cannot go wrong with these), a loose sweater and some inexpensive tank tops.

Tip! Plus-size shops also offer great choices that are often less expensive than maternity shops.

A couple of silhouettes are especially becoming on your changing form; A-line shifts, empire-waist dresses and tops or even pencil skirts paired with loose shirts. For a sporty, hip look that showcases your "bump," pair low-rise pants with a nice tank top or tee.


Tips & Tricks!

Often, we tend to buy too loose fitting, trying to hide that bit of “extra” Don’t! Go ahead and show off your curves, even pregnant you are still beautiful. Remember that a nice fit is much more flattering than something too loose! Just highlight the parts you are proud of most! Is it the bump, the cleavage or your legs? Make it stand out and don’t go undercover just because you’re pregnant.

Another great tip is layering! Since your body is working extra hard to provide your little peanut with nutrients, oxygen and blood, you will be more likely to be hot when others are shivering. Sweater sets are a great way to look good as well as being prepared.

Just as important as clothes is what we put underneath them. For comfort and support, opt for a bra that adapts to weight gain, with comfortable wide and adjustable straps. And even though it is not the sexiest panties you’ll ever wear, a nice large one that covers part of the belly is a lot more comfy.

Accessorize! Even if you dress in a single colour, a bright scarf or chunky necklace can make all the difference and put the outfit together. Besides, you can actually wear these after the pregnancy as well so invest some time in this. For a bit of oomph, add an accessory in a bright colour such as turquoise or wear a pair of showcase shoes and matching bag

If you’re interested in how to keep fit while pregnant, have a look at our article on exercising and staying healthy!