Entertainment for the children at my wedding

A baby-sitter at your wedding       

If there is a significant number of children and if some are really small ones, choose one or even two baby-sitters for more peace of mind. Looking after all the children, she will be able to plan activities such as board games for strategists, painting or drawing for artists or a big treasure hunt for adventurers! She will flawlessly entertain the toddlers in complete safety for your greater pleasure. Because you love them so much, you'll be delighted to know that they're having fun, and so are you!


A dedicated space

If you want a cheap solution, you should ideally provide a small space for them where they can do whatever they want! For optimum comfort, you can install a DVD player, a library corner or a photographer's corner in this room. Children will be able to dress up and take pictures of themselves as pirates, princesses, fairies or superheroes! Make-up should also be provided so that their outfit is complete and so that they take the time to magnify their costumes among themselves. Make sure the rules are clear : the older ones will help the smaller ones!


A puppet show

You can find a puppet theatre and pretty figurines. With their vintage side, puppets are still very popular with children. To give the children a taste for challenge, ask them to create a complete show with each of them performing a role in the evening in front of all the guests. The magic of the show will attract the toddlers and they will remain concentrated the whole evening, to offer you the best of them and to make everyone's eyes shine!


Trampoline and bouncy castle

If you think big, have a trampoline and bouncy castle installed, which can be rented out for the day ! You can choose a decor theme, which you can adapt to your theme of the day. Very funny, they will guarantee smiles and laughter... You're sure to impress them! For greater safety, provide foam mattresses nearby, and make sure that those games are not installed too far from the cocktail, so that adults can keep an eye on children. Coloured, these facilities will make the greatest pleasure of the little ones, and will guarantee you a colourful wedding!