Wedding in 2018

Booking the caterer

You have discussed with many caterers, for the cocktail as well as for the dinner. To be sure that the caterer of your wedding books the date as soon as possible, you must now confirm and sign with your favourite one. For a chic style, you can opt for aperitif stands, such as oysters on one side, foie gras on the other, or even a plancha for small warm appetizers.

For a shabby chic or rural wedding with a romantic spirit, you can opt for an aperitif buffet. On wooden tables decorated with flowers and objects of yesteryear, the caterer will be able to arrange his petits fours and appetizers ! As for your wedding menu, try to validate it now, so that the caterer can anticipate delivery, especially of fresh products.


The choice of the wedding dress

For the choice of the dress, you already have ideas and you may even have tried models. If you have not yet made up your mind, you must decide quickly, especially if the dress is made to measure or if it requires adjustments. You can contact companies or designers specialized in wedding dresses, for a safe and reliable look, and for a high-quality dress.

As we are already in spring, designers or dressmakers must have time to adjust the dress that suits you best ! Don’t forget that the last modifications take place a few weeks before the wedding, then avoid weight variations and banish oversized snacks!

YOU will be the Queen of the Day and you must absolutely feel at ease in your dress ! Also think of your accessories, bracelets, pearl necklace or head-band to put in your hair, all matching the dress!

To be complete, Best of Cards invites you to read our recent article, Wedding dress : tips for a successful fitting.

Wedding dress : tips for a successful fitting


Buying the wedding rings

You have certainly visited many jewellers to find your wedding rings, and this often leads to a long reflection. Indeed, historically and according to legends, the Ring of Nibelung was offered by Siegfried to Brunehilde as a token of love and fidelity. It was a simple gold ring. Today the wedding ring has become a very trendy and fashionable jewel, which you choose according to your tastes and personalities.

It must really fit you. It is therefore important to anticipate the choice of wedding rings well before the wedding, in order to be able to adjust the size of the ring to the respective fingers of the bride and groom.

For an even more personal jewel, you can choose to have your first names and the date of your union engraved inside the wedding ring. It is thus advisable to prepare this choice well in advance, so that the ring is ready for the big day!


The sending of the wedding announcement

Even if you have already informed your family and friends of the date of the big day, you must now choose and send your wedding announcements.The ideal would be to have already chosen the theme of the day, in order to send an announcement in connection with the atmosphere.

If your wedding is retro or vintage, opt for chic, quality and matching models by Best Of Cards, such as our shabby chic card with its vintage mint green genuine lace and its flower background. These creative wedding announcements are also less expensive than competitors ! 

Shabby Chic Wedding Invitations mint green lace/iridescent grey envelope


If you opt for a bohemian-style day, you may like our rustic wedding invitation with its flower watercolour and its linen cord

Rustic wedding invitations flowers watercolour/silky texture paper with linen


Even if there's a lot to think about before the wedding, try to prioritize to make sure your organization is perfect! Leave nothing to chance : small details often make all the difference !