Wedding in the forest

Finding the perfect place

First of all, you must find a suitable place for your wedding in the forest. Try to look for and find a piece of land you like, like a nice field near an old house, or a piece of park in the middle of the woods. What makes you dream could also be a castle in the middle of a stone quarry. It is nevertheless advisable to think that an attached house or dwelling will be essential for your wedding (kitchen, water, toilets) and that tents will probably not be enough, except if you wish a wild and 100% natural environment! To find the perfect spot, which will combine practicality and beauty of the place, make use of your acquaintances or your network, in order to find a beautiful site! Don't hesitate to walk around the countryside and talk to anyone you come across to spread the word. Activate your entire network to find the rare pearl and have the wedding of your dreams.


Thinking about all the technical details       

When one wishes to get married in an isolated location like a forest or woods, it is advisable to think of the technical details like the electricity which it is necessary to procure not to find oneself in the dark at dinner time and to have music ! So think that you will need adapted generators that you can rent for the weekend, or that the sound system company can provide for an additional fee. Don't forget to provide for an emergency generator, multi-plug sockets and long cables to plug everything in.

As you are in the middle of the woods, think of shelters or tents in case of bad weather, because taking refuge under a tree will not be enough in case of heavy rains! Don't forget to protect the caterer and the sound system from the start, this will be safer and essential in case of bad weather. You can call upon professionals who will set up everything correctly. For even more charm in the middle of the woods, think of glass structures as shelters. Don't forget to provide for toilets!


Decoration for an even more rural wedding

For a natural, forest and rural decoration, plan guinguette garlands which you will be able to light easily with the electricity which you procured. This will add a touch of light and cheerfulness to your decor, and illuminate the warm atmosphere of this great day. You can also hang from trees a swing and arrange a photo booth, pennants with lace for a vintage rural side or false wooden windows in which you will indicate your wedding seating plan!

As we are in nature, you can of course bet on flowers that will match your theme, romantic, chic, rural or vintage. You can hang watering cans with flowers in them for even more charm. For your table decoration, you can arrange pine needles as well as pine cones and green leaves. Sublimate this decoration with candles to illuminate all the tables even more.


A natural wedding announcement

To announce the great day, anticipate the sending of your announcements. Choose a nature theme related to the forest. In any case, choose a rustic theme card with a beautiful quality paper, kraft-coloured or recycled, a linen cord or a lace effect to sublimate your wedding and announce the great forest and natural theme of this wedding day!

Rustic wedding invitations : Chic white lace/square camel envelope

Rustic wedding invitations : flowers watercolour/silky texture paper with linen