Getting married while pregnant

A secret pregnancy at your wedding ?

First of all, you must decide whether you want to tell it to your guests or not. Indeed you are not obliged to announce it to your relatives, according of course to the progress of your pregnancy. If it hasn't been three months and you want to keep your pregnancy secret at your wedding, then don't panic, it's possible even without drinking alcohol ! No one will notice what you drink or eat for this great day, everyone will be occupied with the party, paying more attention to you than to what you have in your glass! If you've been pregnant for several months and your belly grows bigger, then it will be difficult to hide it!


Finding a pretty maternity wedding dress

To choose your wedding dress, you have to know that many will adapt perfectly to your shape, even if you are a little rounder for your wedding. You can play with colours if your theme is colourful, or choose the traditional white wedding dress : short, long, in silk or with lace. If you wish it and depending on the shape of your belly, you can choose to have it made to measure, to be sure not to be disappointed! In any case, opt for a flowing dress in which you will feel really good and comfortable. You can then opt for light materials such as cotton, organza, silk or muslin. Concerning your shoes, avoid heels which are too high : you may risk having pain in the feet and back, choose comfortable shoes with maximum 3 cm heel.


Anticipate the organization of the wedding

Of course, you have to think of everything before the big day, especially if you have your pregnancy to manage at the same time! Concerning the preparations, try to anticipate what is essential (choice of the date, town hall, venue, cocktail reception, caterer, music and decoration). You also have a darling, your future husband, to take care of the details! Of course, you should also inform your guests a few months in advance by sending them a wedding announcement. For the decoration, try to find the general wedding theme (rustic, vintage, retro, colourful) and try to match your invitation card, like a kraft and lace romantic model for a rustic theme for instance! For the rest, your witnesses can also help you : pregnant, you have the right to be pampered by your loved ones !

 Rustic wedding invitations  Chic white lace/square camel envelope


Precautions to be taken on the wedding day

If you are early in your pregnancy, you may suffer from unpleasant nausea, so it may be important to go to the doctor so that he can give you something to take on the wedding day, helping to reduce your suffering! Preserve your health and get plenty of rest, so you'll be in shape on your wedding day. When choosing the menu, remember that some foods are not good for you : it's your day, you have the right to choose dishes that you enjoy and that you can eat, think of you too! For drinks, opt for sodas, champagnes or alcohol-free beers that you appreciate. Finally, avoid dancing until the end of the night and plan a room near the reception area to go lie down whenever you want!