Small committee wedding

Why a small committee wedding?

With much charm, a small committee wedding is an opportunity to share an important moment with those closest to you. For a simpler and easier organization, but also to better enjoy each of your guests without running everywhere, opt for an intimate ceremony, which will also allow you to make some savings. Your wedding will be no less wonderful, it will on the contrary be warm and friendly. Concerning the bride and groom, this will enable them to fully enjoy each other without worrying about sharing their time between their loved ones and their families.


What are the advantages of a small committee wedding?

More convivial and less stressful, small committee weddings involve many significant advantages, both in the preparation and organization as well as in the conduct of the D-day. The best reasons to do so include :


-   The budget : even if some expenses remain fixed like the wedding dress, the groom's outfit or the wedding rings, it will cost you less if you have fewer guests, since the final cost is obviously proportional to the number of guests (caterer, choice of a larger or smaller venue, dinner, cocktail, sending of wedding announcements). Reducing your wedding budget will give you the opportunity to pamper more the few people present by favouring quality products, and choose a much refined catering service. Besides, it will enable you to choose the honeymoon you want! Choose a chic, as well as economical and cheaper wedding.


-   A less stressful organization : the fact of getting married more privately reduces the stress of the preparations, which remain of reasonable scale compared to the organization of a more substantial celebration. Indeed, it represents less problems to solve, like the choice of the guests (you invite the closest ones without having to justify you) or the puzzle of the seating plan (you can even consider a big table all together, especially in the context of a rural or bohemian wedding). Once you have the place, you can also take your time for the organization (no need to book everything 6 months in advance). This saves you time.


-   A wedding where you want : with a small committee wedding, you have the choice to get married where you want, and you can opt for a more distant destination, more original (cliff, mountain, countryside) or an intimate wedding abroad : either just the two of you, or with the witnesses and the very close ones ! Choose a desert island at the end of the world, or a wedding in Europe according to your desires. If you want to say yes in secret or in a very informal way, which is also a way to avoid family conflicts or stress with the in-laws for example, think of a wedding in Las Vegas! Every three minutes, a couple gets married there.


-   An intimate and privileged moment : by having with you those you love most, you enjoy them more throughout the day. Indeed, you will have more time to chat with each of them or easily mingle in small groups to take the time to see everyone over a drink. If you are shy and afraid of being the stars of the day, you will also feel more comfortable if there are fewer guests and they are the closest ones.


Sunny wedding abroad


A chic and intimate wedding

In terms of decoration and creative ideas, an intimate wedding will allow you to awaken your artistic fibre by creating a decor that is also more friendly and smaller. Whether your wedding theme is bohemian, classic, vintage, natural, or shabby chic, opt for an intimate and chic wedding to surprise your guests and create a cosy and warm atmosphere. In a smaller and confined space, your guests will be more receptive to the details and little things sown here and there...


What is the ideal place for a private wedding?

You can choose an original place, not expensive or which is close to your heart, as the garden of your parents in the house of your childhood, your old school or the restaurant of your first appointment ! The advantage of an intimate wedding is that it leaves more choice for the venue. You can also opt for a small domain or castle, not too spacious.


Who's invited?

The closest family and friends, of course ! If it is sometimes difficult to make a choice among all, ask yourself who are the most important people in your life, without whom you cannot imagine getting married. They are the ones who must be at your side for this great day... 


Pamper your guests

As said before, thanks to a more private wedding you will be able to take care of them with a menu and a cocktail of greater quality. Also, surprise them with a larger thank-you gift, such as flower pots, a good tart or a gourmet basket with honey and jam. After sending a high-quality wedding invitation, keep up with a unique and personalized thank-you card (with or without photo, creative text, etc.)  Thus, you show your closest guests, privileged to have been present, how important their participation was.


Wedding with the closest ones