Gospel music during your nuptial mass

The history of gospel music

Of Christian origin, the gospel music appeared at the same time as the primitive blues, with a development according to soul music and jazz influences. From the old English "godspell", gospel music takes up some very popular melodies. It originally came from evangelical African-American Christians and then developed among whites in the Southern United States. It is original, changing from white ritual songs and finding all its strength in wind instruments or others such as the organ and harmonium, but also in the clapping of hands and moving bodies. Very bright, almost solar, gospel has been established since the beginning of the 20th century with vocal quartets inspired by barbershop singers and renowned singers.


A nuptial mass with gospel music

You have chosen a religious marriage and the celebration of your union in the church in accordance with traditions, either because you, the married couple, are believers or simply to please your family. If the church ceremony is sometimes long for people who are not religiously sensitive, and if you want to put a little madness into all this, opt for originality and book a gospel choir to entertain and bring life to this unique and intimate moment! Heir to the negro spirituals, the gospel tradition has spread beyond the American borders and today allows churches and weddings in England to shine. So go for music that is very strong in emotion and symbols to please all your guests and to bring you closer to those you love: amplify your spiritual union with real African-American religious songs and make your nuptial mass a memorable and incredible moment!

Be aware that some priests may be reluctant to have a gospel choir participate, but in general they are more and more open, these songs being above all religious.


The choice of songs

Choose a gospel choir that you like: don't hesitate to watch videos on the Internet to see what has already been done. Joyful and dynamic, this particular moment must also resemble you in the choice of songs, outfits, intensity and artists! Agree with the group on the process and determine what music will be played on the groom's entry, the bride's entry, readings and exchanges of wedding rings, prayers, the final blessing, the groom's exit, etc.

Adapt the songs according to the moment, and choose from a rich and varied repertoire: Oh happy day, Amazing Grace, I had a dream, Precious Lord, Ave Maria, God bless the child, The Gospel Train, Joyful joyful, Hail Holy Queen or What a friend we have in Jesus, and many others!

By stimulating your ceremony, you are sure to seduce believers and non-believers alike with radiant energy and unique fervour, while respecting Christian values.


Gospel music in my wedding ceremony