Haute couture wedding invitation

A brief biography of Haute couture

Few people know this but the phrase "haute couture" was invented during the reign of Napoleon III. This appellation is even legally protected by a 1945 French decree, updated in 1992 and made more flexible by the Ministry of Industry in 2001.

The haute couture houses have gradually structured themselves and must respect very strict conditions, such as the fact that all their creations must be done by hand in their own workshops.

Since then, generations have followed one another at the head of these great houses, which are still successful throughout the world.

“If a woman is poorly dressed, we notice her dress, but if she is impeccably dressed, then she is the one to be noticed”, this quote from the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel shows the very important avant-garde aspect of haute couture, which plays the role of precursor of tomorrow's fashion. Coco Chanel was by the way criticized when she invented the suit for women, which has become a true symbol of elegance today.

The elegance of a romantic haute couture wedding announcement

To announce a sumptuous wedding, opt for decorations with powdery notes, for classicism and distinguished garments, and for the very chic and fashionable dress that everyone will remember.

Then choose a creative wedding announcement in line with the haute couture tradition. This elegant J3426_UK model, made of a white matt creation paper presents pretty refined and embossed arabesques in selective varnish. The frame of the belly band in baroque style contains the bride and groom first names in coral & grey trendy colours. Both luxurious and fashionable. 

 White wedding invitation  Embossed and varnished belly band & arabesques


Contemporary and haute couture

Made of a beautiful matt pure white felt-marked paper, our white and silver quilted wedding announcement J3485_UK is of a more contemporary composition. Its distinguished and padded aspect giving the appearance of a handbag sealed by a gracious mint green satin ribbon, guarantees an elegant effect, full of charm and refinement.

The finely worked oval label enhanced with a rhinestone highlights both names. Chic, classic and contemporary at the same time, this wedding invitation announces an unforgettable day.

Mint green wedding invitation  quilted white & silver/satin ribbon


The codes of haute couture are thus perpetuated by the designers of innovative cards from the Best Of Cards’ house. For your wedding, choose invitations in the purest respect of the elegance of haute couture while remaining at affordable prices.