Honeymoon in winter


Where does the phrase honeymoon come from?


We are not sure about the origin of the expression "honeymoon", but it refers to the fabulous journey that the young spouses will make after their marriage. It takes place the lunar month following the wedding, corresponding to the twenty-nine days supposed to be the happiest of the couple, as a traditional symbol of love and happiness. Throughout history and according to cultures and religions, the phrase has been used to represent a very important moment following the wedding ceremony, as a sequel to the great event through a transition away from routine and everyday life. « Honeymoon » appears for the first time in a text by John Heywood in 1546, The Proverbs of John Heywood, in which this pretty word conveys the sweetness of romantic relationships and the famous nickname « honey » that has been used to name the loved one since Shakespeare. Concerning the metaphor of honey, it would also be inspired by ancient practices of various civilizations, such as Egypt and the Pharaohs who drank a honey and propolis beverage during the twenty-eight days following their wedding, to maintain joy, love and happiness. The Chinese and Hindus would also have consumed honey during this period; the Germanic peoples would have drunk mead (mixture of water and honey), while a pagan myth relates that in Babylon the brides' dads offered to their son-in-law a large quantity of a beverage made of honey and beer in order to have sufficient supplies for the month following the wedding. If those traditions about drinks are not relevant anymore today, those about having a faraway honeymoon journey are very fashionable and have remained a genuine custom. The honeymoon is an invitation to escape, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality of the young couple.


Which destination for a honeymoon in winter?


In wintertime, you'll be spoilt for choice for your honeymoon destination. If you want to make a trip like no other, opt for destinations like Lapland (shush! It seems that you may be able to see Santa Claus), Sweden or Finland, to completely relax and find yourself in the heart of wild, grandiose and awesome landscapes. This fun trip will allow you to go for dogsledding or skiing, and many activities full of emotions. Don't hesitate to book a cosy hotel with a chimney, in order to share moments filled with charm with your beloved by the fireside ! If you want to remain in this perspective of a wintertime honeymoon and you are a town-addict, you may opt for romantic cities like Prague, Vienna or Bruges, to enjoy walks of love. Winter time does not prevent you to spend your honeymoon under the sun ! As the favourite destination for the newlyweds, sunny countries continue to charm. Honeymoon in the Maldives, Argentina, Seychelles, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil or Tahiti, many heavenly places will allow you to enjoy beaches of fine sand, turquoise waters, coconut trees and sometimes mountains! You may then focus on water sports, cruises, safaris, lakes, waterfalls or wildlife parks, even in the middle of winter!

 Honeymoon in winter

Wedding gift


For your wedding gift, you may thus propose a wedding urn that will help financing your honeymoon. This method gradually replaces wedding gift lists, so that it is not so rare today to see wedding urns in which guests can slip an envelope. If you have a problem asking for money, then don't hesitate to inform your wedding witnesses, who will pass on the message that will spread through word-of-mouth. Next to your wedding urn, don't hesitate to leave a funny message like "happiness begins here", or "our dream: go to a little corner of paradise" to make your request warmer. Take advantage of the season if you got married in autumn, or if you opted for a honeymoon in winter, with a comforting formula like "To put some warmth in our winter..." Also be aware that urns are becoming more and more frequent and in the end your guests will find it all the more convenient as they will not have to "worry" about an idea for your wedding gift.


Should it be mentioned on the wedding invitation ?


If you are uncomfortable with asking for money during your wedding to announce your honeymoon, use "word-of-mouth" and seek the help of your relatives or witnesses. You will then be able to show your emotion on the thank-you card by thanking your guests for the gift that is your honeymoon trip (and thus let them know the destination). You can also simply submit the idea of your wedding gift on your wedding invitation if you decide to assume it, with a suitable formula like "Thanks to you, we will finally be able to achieve the journey of our dreams, and we thank you heartily for it. ", or a more traditional formula. If you want to make the text on your wedding card even more original and ask for a gift in a humorous way, create a detailed list of your trip by asking for a vanilla ice cream, a surfing tour, a glass of wine in a restaurant, a coffee and a sweetness at the airport or a ticket on a Thai train. With humour and originality, your guests will understand that you would like a wedding urn for your honeymoon. In any case, you can personalize your text as you wish ! 

As the achievement of your union and the symbol of your love, your honeymoon in winter will allow you a memorable escape, but also to forget a bit this cold season that can sometimes be a little long! Fly away towards a honeymoon like you...


Honeymoon in winter