How to choose the right wedding outfit

Have you ever received an invite and had absolutely no idea what the dress code was asking of you?
SOS wedding attire! Don’t panic! We’ve listed a couple of useful tips on what (and what not) to wear to a wedding.


Where to start

It’s official, you have just received the invitation, you are a WG (wedding guest)! So, you might be wondering now … Oh Gosh, what to wear? We’ve all been there. Standing in front of the closet. No Panic! If you follow a couple of these tips, you will at least avoid all major catastrophe. How should you dress for a wedding? Is there an etiquette to follow? We get these questions a lot so (being the nice team we are) we decided to give you guys some pointers in the right direction. Probably the easiest thing to do is have a look at the invitation to see if there’s a dress code.

Ok…. You had a peak and there is a dress code. Perfect! Because at least you know what is expected! Just have a look at our dress code ABC for advice. But what is there’s none? Even before the dress code, there are a couple of ground rules to follow.

Rule # 1:
Ladies, DO NOT wear white, unless specified on the invitation. White is the colour of the bride and it should be one of the things that set her apart from all the others. It is not OK to ask her whether or not you can wear white because she might just feel pressured to say yes. Better avoid all tension and just choose a different colour.

Rule # 2:
Be respectful of all religious aspects of a wedding and try to adapt your attire to them is possible. Nothing too naked for any religious ceremony so beware of too much cleavage and too short a dress or skirt.

Rule # 3:
It’s probably better to overdress than to underdress.

For all you girls wanting to play it safe, a LBD (little black dress ) will do the trick for anything cocktail-y or an evening reception but beware because if all ladies pull this one off, the event will quickly look like a funeral instead of something as festive as a wedding. Of course, you don’t have to wear a dress at all. A nice pair of trousers, depending on the event and season can look amazing if well combined with something like a silk top and heels. So chic and 2015!


What’s off?

Jeans, flip-flops, sneakers, shorts and tank tops are a NoNo, unless specifically mentioned. Also, avoid wearing boots because they can make an outfit look too casual. So unless you have the legs to pull off a pair of high-rising leather boots, ladies, we advise you to go with pumps or peep-toes.



White is taboo and so was black for a long time. Nowadays, a well-chosen black outfit is allowed but try adding a pop of bright colour with a bold statement necklace, scarf or lipstick. No reason you shouldn’t add a bit of vibe to this fun and fantastic day! However, colours that are too flashy and make the outfit look cheap are best avoided. Other colours to be avoided are those too close to the bride’s palette. Have a look at the invitation itself for colour ideas. There is a big chance the brides’ maids will be dressed in tones matching the invite so beware of picking these unless you secretly want to look like an extra maid. Depending on the season, your outfit will adapt to the colour; darker tones towards winter and lighter, floral tones towards spring.

When in doubt, ask the bride’s maids. They will probably know what is expected!