Oriental wedding traditions

An enchanting universe, oriental marriage oscillates between tradition and modernity, thus fascinating guests and lovers of majestic and grandiose weddings. With meticulous preparation, the oriental wedding is often preceded by a meeting between the families and the future spouses during which a dinner will introduce the future celebration. In keeping with tradition, let us also note the Hammam ceremony, where the bride-to-be goes with the women of her family to take a bath in purifying milk. Before a Moroccan wedding, henna day is also celebrated, a day on which the future spouses and relatives have very specific tasks to accomplish, such as finding singers and musicians, killing an ox and then delivering one half to the bride's family or washing the bride with thyme by candlelight, this ritual being a sign of fertility. Dressed in green, the future bride also gets tattooed on her feet and hands in the middle of traditional dances and songs, a stage announcing happiness and prosperity. Henna remains a very important tradition, varying according to the Maghreb regions : it is a very powerful symbol among Muslims, sometimes more than wedding rings. Finally, on the day before the Muslim wedding, there may be the « hdiyya » ceremony: the groom and his family offer gifts to the wife in « taifours » (copper dishes in pointed shape). On D-Day, the bride arrives in front of the guests dressed in "ammarya" (white dress).

If an oriental or Muslim wedding ceremony can vary according to the customs of each country and family traditions, it ideally lasts one week in all cases. As for gastronomy, one could see mezze dishes (assortments of oriental dishes) at aperitif time, and the essential oriental pastries at snack time or dessert time (cakes made with honey, almonds, pistachios nuts or angel hair). For dinner, one will discover dishes with a thousand flavours like couscous, a tajine or a mechoui.

 Henna ritual


What invitation for your oriental wedding?

In the oriental tradition, the stationery related to the announcement of the wedding is extremely important. There are many acquaintances invited to the wedding in addition to family and close friends, whom it is necessary to inform in accordance with the rules, with a high-quality wedding announcement. An oriental and personalized wedding card will therefore be essential to announce your union and invite your guests.

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Finally, red and orange will recall the warm and enchanting colours of the Arab and oriental countries and the friendly atmosphere of the Maghreb countries. Fuchsia and plum colours remain very fashionable, bringing vitality and dynamism to your Indian, Turkish, Moroccan or any other oriental wedding announcement. Evoke the pretty colours of your oriental wedding !




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