Expecting a bundle of joy

This is a very special day indeed! Announcing your big news can be one of the most meaningful and memorable events of life. Of course you would like to share this with your closest friends and family and see their reaction. Even though there is nothing wrong with just calling them up or inviting them, there are also more creative ways to announce your (first) pregnancy. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ways to say “We’re pregnant!”


Spell it out!

You being pregnant is wonderful news and if it’s the first time, we guess your parents will also be over the moon. The first way to announce your pregnancy is probably the most classical one, after announcing in person. Spell it out! You could write a personal card to friends and family you want to let in on the big news. Couples get really creative and find suitable poems, riddles to announce their pregnancy. If you’re going to tell your parents the good news, you could wait for a special day to announce your pregnancy such as Mothers’ Day (that automatically will turn into Grandmothers’ Day)! Your mum will be delighted! Another fun way of letting people know is by asking them to play a game of scrabble, as one of our clients did who announced to her husband: “I asked my husband to play Scrabble with me. When he opened the box, I had a spelled out on the card “You are going to be a daddy”. He was over the moon!”

If you’re creative and have a bit of patience, maybe this idea will suit you! Carefully remove the paper from a bunch of Fortune cookies and replace it with a personally typed message along the lines of “May will bring baby” Hand these out at a special get together like a family dinner and see who gets the clue first. Success guaranteed!

It can also be a lot of fun letting a third party in on the big reveal. If you know let’s says your parent’s paper boy, maybe he wouldn’t mind adding a little something like a typed message to their morning paper! Or if you’re dining out, you could ask the staff to put a special note on people’s plates.



Is there a birthday or party coming soon? Letting out the secret of your pregnancy can then easily be turned into the perfect gift. And be honest? What parent wouldn’t want to have one of these? -Wrap up the positive pregnancy test and give it as a gift or take a photo of it and send it.
-How about a special nap-time book like Goodnight Moon with a sticky note saying, ‘’Something to read to your grandchild/niece/son/little sister”.
-wrap up t-shirts saying “auntie so and so” uncle so and so or “Best grandparents in the world”.


Bundle of joy

We all know how babies are made. The stork can be seen flying over rooftops with a little cloth bundle before landing at the doorstep of a happy couple who then unwrap their precious, smiling newborn—right? This myth was once a common story to tell children who were deemed too young to be told anything different. Since it is so common, how about including the symbol of the stork or send them a stork card? I’m pretty sure they will get the message!


Play around

If you’re looking for something playful that involves being active and caters to more people at once, how about a special treasure hunt! Invite friends and family for a day of fun and send them on a treasure hunt! You could leave clues all around the house so that by the end of the track, they will have discovered what the actual treasure is! This definitely will create a wonderful, shared memory. If you’re planning on telling people around Easter, a great way to let them find out is by writing messages on Easter eggs and hide them around the house. Just wait & see who will get the message first!



Something we see a lot nowadays are photo announcements. Couple use props, colours and a whole lot of other ideas to create these lovely announcements. Have a look at our article on Baby Reveal for more ideas on photo announcements. If your baby was the lovely present of a holiday, you could even ask people over to look at the holiday phots and add an echo at the end!