It is all in the planning

After picking a name, styling the nursery is probably one of the things highest on the “To Do-list” for upcoming parents. ESPECIALLY for all of you first-timers out there, a piece of advice: good preparation is important when it comes to the nursery. You should go for something that feels comfortable and fits your personal style at the same time. But with all the choice out there modern, nautical, with animals, sweet, colourful, we understand the cry for help! Maybe you wanna go eccentric, ethnic or add a sweet, romantic touch. They all have their own little something. In order to give you some pointers in the right direction we’ve listed a couple of ideas combined with 2015 nursery trends on how to turn your little one’s place into the most beautiful room of the house!

Decisions, decisions

The first advice we would give you is to decide on a style. Instead of going for different styles at once, the benefit of a single style is that it will look more serene and uniform. You don’t want the nursery to feel too full. Instead serenity will help your baby feel comfortable. A great source of inspiration for this is Pinterest. So now, without further ado, behold the top trends in baby nurseries for 2015. Which one is your favourite?

Goldy Locks

Gold and other metallic tones seem to have found their way from the runway to the nursery! We have seen this upcoming trend for wedding invitations at the beginning of the year as well and are delighted to see it as a new nursery trend. Think wall paper (polka dots or chevrons) and accessories for a shimmering, unisex room. One of the benefits of metallic is that is mixes really well with both bright colour and nudes, depending on your personal style.

Indians & Cowboys

Personally, we love the 2015 bohemian style; flowers, lace, sweet. Translated to the nursery, this trend involves tepees, barrels, arrow prints, fluffy carpets, snuggle blankets and natural fabrics. Soft colours such as off-white, turquoise, soft yellow or grey are popular tones to choose from. Natural wood works really well with it and adds even more warmth to the room. Go for unprocessed looking wood for a more Scandinavian feel or a darker wood for. *But we also love the dream catchers, the poufs, the hanging baskets...

To wall paper or not to wall paper ...

Or as the 2015 trend states; who needs wall paper when you can decal! Like the look of wall paper but not the fuss? Then this trend is one for you! Just add some decalls of choice (triangles for example or arrows) to a neutral painted wall and ... Tadaa! Instant class!

Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit

We’ve seen and loved motivating mantras in our homes. Now, we also see them enter the nursery. Surround your little one with love & positivity.

Soft colours ...

This year is all about neutral soft colours in the nursery such as grey, taupe or beige tones that bring tons of softness to the room. These colours (less harsh than whites) will blend well with everything, including coloured accessories. Pssst! Looking for a bit of colour but don’t wanna go too bright? One of this year’s colour favourites is celery green. Small decorative wooden accessories such as rocking horse add just that little something to a neutral toned room. After having decorated the room, you might want to continue and blend your nursery style with your choice for a baby announcement. We looked at a few ourselves so how about this one?

If you are more the classical type, have you already considered combining white with grey? The colour-combo is high on demand nowadays (spotted; cradles with grey & white polka dots)! For a so chic touch, add matching curtains and miniature sized furniture. You heard it! And honestly, who can say no to a miniature sized soft grey Chesterfield?

Pink Blush

For a girly colour such as pink, 2015 has a twist up its sleeve… Blush (a mixture of soft orange & pink) adds colour and style, without being too present. A modern take on an all-time classic! By the way, blush blends really well with celery and greys for a soft & romantic look!

For those opting for a more colourful room, don’t despair! All is possible. Of course, the classic blues and pinks are certainly something to consider but other trendy colours, such as yellow are a great alternative. By adding yellow here and there, the room gets a bit of a vintage feel, especially if used with greys or browns. Try a yellow carpet or a yellow canopy or go a bit further and opt for a bright yellow wall. This will definitely brighten the room! By choosing lighter furniture the room will still feel airy enough. Yellow curtains also work really well with a chalk coloured wall.

Bold bureaus

For 2015, one of the most important pieces (next to the cradle) in the nursery furniture-wise, is the bureau or dresser. We’ve seen these a lot recently, especially in bright colour such as turquoise, raspberry or orange for a dash of colour.

For the brave and the theme-fans out there, we would suggest one of these on-trend themes

Flower power

Can flowers really go out of trend? Mmm… Probably not but this year we see flowers everywhere! For a romantic vintage touch, go get that flower wall paper or tone it a bit down and just take the accessories and combine them with a soft-coloured sage wall! Looking for a baby announcement to match the style? How about this one?

Little sailor

For all of you sailors, the sea or nautical theme remains a classic. Curtains in different hues of blue (maybe ombre?), fluffy pillows, some well-chosen or DIY accessories and your baby will swim into an ocean of calm breeze. Have a look at our Pinterest board!