I want red for my wedding!

Symbolism of the red colour

 During Antiquity, red was the only acknowledged colour, as black represented dirt and white was colourless. Admired at the time, red dressed the gods and the clergy. In Rome it was the colour of the generals, nobility, practitioners and Roman emperors. The red colour is above all a symbol of happiness in China, but it also symbolizes life, flames and warmth.

Until the 19th century, red was the colour of the bride and groom. It has preserved its symbolism of warm, salient and exciting colour, representing as well warmth and life. It is also associated with joy, passion, sensuality, desire and of course, love.


Some red in my wedding 

Very suitable for weddings, the red colour can be used by touches for your decoration. A lively, chic and refined colour, it promises a modern wedding, full of energy and cheerfulness. You can for instance choose white tablecloths and red chairs, for a trendy and luminous atmosphere. If you want a chic and fashionable theme, don't hesitate and dare the red colour for your wedding! For example, you can choose a red and immaculate floral decoration to charm your guests or even opt for a tricolour tartan tablecloth printed with the colours of the British flag for an escape between elegance and subtlety.

Red also works for a rustic theme. Opt for a red and white gingham tablecloth with field flowers or poppies, for a bucolic note.

To finish with, choose a candy bar with a red popcorn machine. The popcorns will be wrapped in a red and white striped bag, for a vintage and retro effect! 


Matching wedding invitations and accessories

Discover our red and burgundy range of wedding invitations made with high-quality papers. Our red model with a grey heart and varnished inscriptions is one of these. Made of a special velvet-like paper, it is very modern and contemporary thanks to its varnished "we are getting married" in different languages, thus emphasizing the symbolism of love, joy and passion.

If you want to add touches of red on your tables, opt for our accessories matching the theme of this great day. You have the choice between a classic and rectangular table place card or a heart-shaped white and red table place card. And to put a finishing touch, don’t hesitate to arrange our scarlet red favour boxes for your guests.

For your wedding invitations, discover our luxurious, high-quality and prestigious papers by Best Of Cards to announce this flamboyant day, rich in symbols !

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