Wedding ceremony in India


Indian wedding ceremony, also called Thirumam, follows a very sacred ritual dictated by the Vedas, the sacred texts. The couple is dressed with traditional clothes that change according to the region and are made specially for this occasion. Indeed, the bride wears a red saree and traditional jewels. As for the groom, he wears a white jacket with a white jersey. He can also wear a wedding hat.


The different steps


For this oriental wedding, different rites and customs are important, and we can present you some of them. For instance, we can talk about the groom arrival on elephant or horseback, or in a luxury car. We can also talk about the fact that the future groom offers a golden ring to the bride's brother who then escorts him to the ceremony venue. Let's also note the priest ritual that lasts several hours, the fact that the future spouses turn 7 times around a sacred fire to bless their union, the ring that the groom places on the bride's toe, the evil eye often conjured by the grand-mothers, or the guests who bless the couple with rice. The charm of Indian ceremony, that is really important and original, relies on these traditions.


A colourful and magical wedding


If you organize an Indian or Sri Lankan wedding (also called Hindu or Bollywood wedding), it will of course be a colourful and very animated one. It will be a privileged moment during which you will have your guests discover Indian traditions and Hindu culture. Through the saree (often purple and gold), the gold ornaments and the flower crowns, you are sure to enlighten the big day! The food will also be exotic, thanks to the big Indian buffet. Be careful though, Indian food is quite spicy, so think about alternative food for those who would not eat spicy food!


A suitable wedding invitation


For the wedding invitation, you can choose one with colours or oriental patterns to match that magical and bright day (our oriental collection). With elegance and art, the oriental writing and the warm patterns will recall the smoothness of Indian culture...


Note for the guests


Careful, do not wear white clothes on the wedding day, this colour means grief in India. Furthermore, if you offer money (check or banknotes) in an envelop, add one extra pound (£151, £201...). According to the tradition, the extra rupee corresponds to the couple future wealth! Then, bring them good luck and play the game for this exquisite golden ceremony that you are unlikely to forget.