The basic wedding invitation


Basic doesn't necessarly mean boring. Your wedding will be a worth remembering day and the invitation should reflect this unforgettable ceremony. The association of colours, typos and quality paper adds a timeless aspect to your card. It is generally made in a square or rectangular shape. The fancy and timeless aspect can be shown through sober, cream or pearly colours. It is even more refined when enhanced with an extra ribbon or lace...


The oriental invitation


The oriental culture can be reflected in cards with hot colours, gildings and complicated patterns. Therefore the cards can often represent the Hand of Fatma, the protection symbol, or the gateway to the East, a door that opens towards a wonderful future; these should be the symbols of your union.

With or without strass, oriental invitations can represent both tradition and modernity, according to the couple wishes. It can be used by all communities (arabic, indian, pakistanese, etc...).


The humorous invitation


The wedding ceremony is usually a pleasant and friendly moment, and your invitation card should reflect this state of mind! This humorous card is characterized by its very fancyful and colourful illustrations on a format than can be basic. The humorous aspect can also be shown through a quirky format that communicates the happy message...

The colours of those “fun” models are bright and the typos can vary according to the formats.


The vintage invitation


Because of its timeless aspect, the vintage style is still fashionable. On the vintage invitation, you can use pastel colours or even black and white according to the period you want to represent. You can associate embroidery patterns, liberty or small medallions to the cards to give them a trendy oldfashion aspect!


Boho wedding invitation


Very trendy, the nature aspect is fast approaching. You can enhance this invitation made with organic paper and recycled fibres by adding natural materials like raffia, jute, linen laces... They will give a fancy and bohemian look to your card! It is ideal for a ceremony in the countryside, because you know, fresh air is good for everyone, isn't it?