A vintage decoration

As for your wedding organisation, opt for a retro theme from A to Z. To create a cosier setting for the ceremony, choose to put flowers in church, like peonies or roses—they are romantic. In the party room, you can put some birdcages, retro candle holders or butterflies on the tables, if you want a "romantic vintage" atmosphere.

(if you want,) you can also consider placing record players with vinyl discs that your guests can select. A feeling of nostalgia will be brought on by the music ! Your guests will be moved by the crackles of the vinyl ! On top of that, you can also place Polaroid cameras : your guests can take pictures with old style ! For children, choose music boxes, windmills or even chalk boards in a space dedicated to them where they can have fun. This vintage theme will please all your guests, both young and old !

A retro snack for my wedding

For teatime and after the ceremony, opt for a "candy bar", this kind of buffet is very trendy and brings a colorful touch in addition to the setting. On another stall, you can offer drinks like lemonade served with retro striped straws, sweets, macaroons, madeleines or cupcakes. Your guests will be very happy to nibble after the ceremony ! For a more authentic effect, organise a candy floss stand, appreciated by most of people... They will be lost in a cloud of happiness and sweetness !

To make the vintage cupcake atmosphere even more completed , match the set of wedding annoucements with the name tags, the menus and the dragees boxes. With fine taste, keep the harmony of your wedding theme from the invitation cards to the big day overall atmosphere. This collection perfectly goes with the magical atmosphere of the great day. Make your guests eyes sparkle, both on paper and in reality !

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