Muslim Wedding

History of Muslim Marriage

In the second century, the status of women was not at all the same as today. Indeed, the Arabs of the time considered the different needs of a man and polygamy as necessary and legitimate. Thanks to the Koran, relationships between men and women have been readjusted and the married woman was then able to obtain a separate and distinct legal personality. Since then, the man has six obligations towards his wife in the Muslim marriage (duty of cohabitation, conjugal duty, sharing of nights, duty of support, abstention from any abuse, maintenance of family relationships) and the wife five (obedience towards her husband, living in the conjugal home, fidelity, household care and marital authorization to dispose by contract). Modernized, the Muslim wedding usually results in a great celebration, very warm and friendly. Depending on the country, it can last several days and has a major importance in the family. Extremely well received, with class and great generosity, guests can enjoy a hearty meal, drink mint tea and enjoy oriental pastries until dawn!


A luxurious oriental wedding

If you organize a very chic day, between refinement and delicacy, send an invitation that will announce it. If you have chosen luminous colours like silver or gold for your decoration, and noble materials for your tables, opt for a luxurious wedding card made with beautiful papers like iridescent paper, and traditional gold or silver hot-stamping illustrations to sublimate the perfection and details of this great day. For more delicacy and subtlety, you can choose a design that comes with accessories like satin ribbons or rhinestones. By putting gold and beauty in the mailboxes, you are sure to announce a unique and very elegant day.


A traditional day

For a more classic wedding, opt for a traditional creation that still incorporates the fundamentals of the Orient. You can for example choose a white, ecru, ivory or cream model, which possess some sumptuous and delicate details, in the tradition of Arab know-how. Many new products, always manufactured by Best Of Cards, possess many treasures : very high-quality papers, mirror effect, glittering dots, pocket, belly band, Fatma hand, accessories, pompoms, pearls or varnished embossement. All these innovations are new and exclusive and promise you to find a model that suits you and that you will be sure not to regret!

Traditional Muslim Wedding


Oriental colours

If you want to play with Southern colours like red, orange, fuchsia, turquoise, night blue, green or yellow, you will also find among all our invitations a coloured wedding card that will announce the D-day theme. By sublimating the Arab class, Best of Cards declines its models in several tones, with colours and patterns that embody Oriental art. The arabesques, calligraphies, or «Yes», all declined in several coloured notes, will announce with wonder that you are getting married in happiness.