My luxury wedding!


Organizing a luxury wedding

For the most beautiful day of your life, you fancy an extraordinary and prestigious wedding. Then for this special moment to be unique, everything is possible to make your most magical dreams come true… From the gown to the ceremony, and from decoration to honeymoon, bet on a luxury wedding which will gild the moments of this sequined and magical day. So don’t hesitate anymore, make your wedding sparkle, sprinkle with love and make the joy of this moment shine… Welcome to the heart of a day radiant with happiness !


An enchanting setting

For your wedding to be luxurious from beginning to end, everything must be perfect and tuned. First of all, you may opt for an unusual and enchanting setting. A castle with exquisite gardens, a desert island with an arrival by helicopter, a sailboat, a private mansion with its belvedere opening on a breathtaking view,  a boat, or even a private beach, all magical places are allowed ! Impress your guests by offering them the most beautiful. To complete this privileged setting, opt for a luxurious but simple decoration, like pretty white chairs where hanging flowers will diffuse an enchanting fragrance, where glass chandeliers will light each table, and where candlesticks, mirrors, crystal glasses and china plates will  illuminate the whole scene. Simply opt for elegance and refinement. To invite your guests, select a luxury wedding announcement with high-quality paper, sober and chic. Let yourself be tempted for instance by the model J3024_UK, soft and refined. From beginning to end, surprise your guests and envelop them in gold and lights !


Like in a fairy tale…

If you opt for a luxurious atmosphere, your wedding will turn into a fairy tale ! And to be the fairy of this day, you may choose a princess dress matching perfectly the setting. Be yourself and choose the gown of your childhood dreams, or those which can be seen in the movies ! It’s your day, you can do what you want, then… Enjoy yourself ! For the groom, a refined and simple suit shall be very chic, but you may also choose an original three-piece suit for instance. You will embody elegance ! As this is not the end of the story, live your desires to the end. You have the right to choose a honeymoon which may bring you on the other side of the world, on a sailboat in the Cyclades, in a bungalow on the Marquesas Islands  or even in a luxury hotel in Asia. Organize a prestigious wedding where every moment will be sequined. Bet on the chic, the estheticism and the sumptuous. Make this day a piece of art and a masterpiece, which shall remain in everyone’s mind for a long time. Open up to elegance and harmony, with delicacy… Paint your own picture with a thousand gildings… Your lucky star makes you people filled with magical happiness !