Rustic chic wedding

Chic rustic wedding atmosphere: what it tells us

The chic rustic wedding is an invitation to delicacy, sublimated nature and poetry. Indeed, the bohemian chic wedding is a journey through the heart of an exquisite countryside, unless it is a romantic and subtle walk. We all have a memory in the countryside, a late summer, a holiday home, trees for hiding places, or a pie for a snack. Ideal, sublime and noble, the chic rustic theme is very appreciated by the bride and groom for its softness and refinement. Elegant and bohemian at the same time, it shelters soft and delicate colours, candles that warm up the atmosphere, but also all hearts. Make your chic country wedding a pure dreamlike moment....


Chic rustic wedding: where can I get married?

We can imagine the bride and groom in the heart of a forest, in a bucolic setting: wild flowers, lanterns, and pennants. Pastel-coloured dresses bring a bright, delicate and romantic touch.  Choose an unconventional place that looks like you:

- In the heart of nature for your chic country wedding, with wild flowers, birds to play music and trees as decoration. If necessary, dont't neglect to have an option in case of rain, and a place to shelter your guests;

- An old farmhouse made of old stones and beams, for a romantic, warm and original setting. Choose a subtle and elegant decoration that will sublimate the place;

- A manor house or an old castle in the middle of the vineyards, for a chic country spirit;

- A pretty barn in the mountains, for a cocooning effect.


A wedding in the countryside

What decoration for a chic rustic wedding?

Far from gloss and glitter, the atmosphere of your chic rustic wedding must be authentic, natural and deep. For your decoration, choose noble products such as wood, raw metals and natural materials. We imagine kraft paper, lace, wrought iron, pastoral flowers, light garlands that delicately illuminate your room, and pennants for a vintage look. For your wedding table, use retro or vintage accessories such as milk jugs, transparent jars containing wild flowers, ivory or champagne candles, antique and mismatched porcelain style dishes from your grandparents, or old watering cans.

Feel free to create small corners with specific atmospheres, with old armchairs, wood, crates, black and white photos, barrels, an old window to put your seating plan on a slate, etc.

Another decorative idea for your chic rustic wedding: instead of a traditional arch, opt for a romantic one, made of wild and rustic flowers and heady scents. Why not near a lake for instance…

What colour for a chic rustic wedding? We think of table runners of a linen or a natural colour, beige, cream, white, genuine lace. Do not hesitate to use pastel notes, such as water green, blue or delicate nude pink, which can be enhanced with a few gold or copper touches, in a pink gold style.


Which chic rustic wedding invitation should I use?

To be in total adequacy with your chic country theme, adapt your wedding announcement for a perfect harmony. Beautiful new chic country wedding invitations are available to you, carefully designed by our creators and always manufactured by Best Of Cards.

You can rely on very beautiful recycled creative papers, the utmost of chic and rustic, such as this country-style invitation with genuine lace and fresh flowers in watercolour.


Lace and flower watercolour wedding invitation


This sublime and delicate vintage wedding card will also be perfectly adapted to your chic rustic wedding. The kraft camel tone recalls the authenticity of your theme, enhanced by a laser-cut heart with a bright red outline made with traditional hot-stamping. The genuine lace recalls the pure Bristish elegance of a chic bohemian wedding.


Vintage wedding invitation - laser-cut heart in camel with lace


Which outfit for a chic country-style wedding?

Which dress for a chic rustic wedding? The bride will opt for a fluid and light wedding dress, bohemian-style and made in noble fabrics and with simple shapes. Princess dresses or overly waisted dresses are therefore to be avoided. We of course imagine lace on your wedding dress, for absolute elegance and an extraordinary refinement. Focus on accessories, such as a headband, a flower wreath, a loose bun or a few braids. Like your hair, your makeup should be light and natural.

Guests and witnesses will also prefer delicate and sober outfits, with some floral accessories or pastel notes that remind us of this sweet and chic rustic theme....

Between elegance and authenticity, create a refined atmosphere to make your chic rustic wedding a real success!

Some other ideas to announce your country-style and chic wedding in video :