Wedding seating plan


Arrangements are well advanced, the wedding is approaching and time is come to decide how guests will be placed at the table. It's time to get into this puzzle, which will undoubtedly end up with some unsatisfied people.

Basic rules

Ideally the wedding seating plan should be established 2 or 3 weeks before the D-Day, that is to say when you have received all the answers, because despite deadlines, unexpected withdrawals are not an exception or inversely guests who said they were not coming may change their minds.

During a wedding, it may be well considered to mix both families. The wedding seating plan can be established with parents and parents-in-law. In this case, plan more time !

Some basic principles are inescapable : alternate man/woman, leave the couples at the same table, place the children separately, a little far away... so that they can move around without disturbing, make a teens' table, don't put a single person only with couples of young parents.

The head table should receive the witnesses and their spouses as well as the brothers and sisters of the bride and groom. The parents of the bride and groom can either be placed together according to their affinities or separately with their best friends, siblings and spouses.

Other factors to be taken into account are: grouping guests by age, easier for conversations, and possibly by areas of interest.

Traps to avoid

That goes without saying, but the blunder can have serious consequences, put some tension on a group of guests or at worst ruin a marriage.

It is necessary to inquire about possible family quarrels, disagreements that can provoke disputes, and avoid placing together people who have diametrically opposed ideas: politics, religion, money, morality, work, education, etc. Warning, danger !

And above all, never, never, ever, place "exes" at the same table : this could come to an explosive situation that could degenerate after a few glasses!

Don't put all the singles together, it would be a bit of a speed dating atmosphere...

Don't let yourself be bribed, it is useless to reveal the seating plan before to anyone, and do not allow yourself to be influenced if you are asked in advance to be placed at a specific place.

You’re going to succeed !

A paper and a pencil, a bit of courage and discernment, to protect the susceptibilities while respecting the affinities of each one, so you will be sure to spend a good day because it is still "your wedding", a magical moment hard to surpass. Contentment, joy, emotions mixed with laughter, that's the main thing, and you don't want your hopes to be disappointed.

In the form of nominative table place cards or a beautifully presented plan at the entrance of the hall, orchestrate your seating plan as you please.

One last piece of advice, after you have finished your table plan, check that the number of guests placed corresponds to the number of guests on your final list! This in order not to forget anyone, because here again, you might get close to the drama.

An idea : if it seems too complicated to place your families and friends side by side, opt for a standing buffet... But this is an other story!