Love from vegas

Even after hours on Pinterest most of what is out there is fairly traditional. White dress, suit, wedding venue, restaurant, rented car… If this is making you break out in immediate rash remember that a beautiful wedding does not necessary mean having 300 guests, an impeccable wedding dress or having other “obligated” steps. A lot of authenticity can even get lost in the process of looking for perfection and is that how you want to remember your day? Besides, where is the fun in planning a wedding like everybody else’s?

Three reasons might have you thinking you do not want a conventional wedding:


Lack of time

If you have started organizing your wedding too late, do not get carried away by the desire for perfection and accept that things might not be the way you dreamed them to be when you were little. You also have to stay realistic in order to keep sanity. So cut down the number of guests, forget about the reception room (already booked long ago by others), that band you were dying to have (same here) and go for an outfit that suits you and the time you have to spend. Most importantly, do not shy away from asking help. People will be happy to be of some assistance if this means you will have a more beautiful and relaxed day. Dare to organize a wedding in little time? Here’s how.


Looking for simplicity

Maybe it is just not your thing to be in the spotlights and you prefer a small family dinner in a restaurant or garden, driving your own car, no gift list and no 6ft wedding cake! Maybe you are just looking for something elegant to wear, some games to play and some cd’s to listen to and that’s fine! Do not feel pushed into tradition if it doesn’t suit your or your couple.


An original touch

You want to do something different than your second cousin with her beautiful chiffon dress, castle ceremony, wedding songs and rented car? What better feeling is there than doing something that surprises the people around you? If you want your guests to have a unique experience, go for it! Go for a unique setting, a family garden, a weekend at sea, a rustic farm. If you have some money to spend why not go to Vegas or somewhere exotic like Maui?!


Tips & tricks

If you are looking for original ideas, we have listed some here to get you in the mood for unconventional…

Table song naming

At your reception, instead of naming each table a number like everyone else normally does, name it a song instead! Then if you have a DJ, have him announce at the beginning of the reception that when your table's song plays, the entire table has to get up and dance! It's a great and unique way to get everyone out on the dance floor!

Funny wedding pamphlet

Instead of handing out generic wedding programs, why not express you and your husband-to-be's humorous side by having funny pamphlets instead? You can even fill the wedding programs with funny facts about the bride and groom and a timeline of how you met and fell in love. Your guests will enjoy having something to read while they wait that will put them in an even better mood before your ceremony starts. Looking for more ideas? Have a look at our special article on Original and Fun wedding ideas


What is important is that you feel at ease with the choices you are making, especially that day.