A colorful ceremony!

For the Big day, you want the ceremony to reflect the colors and happiness of your origins. You want everything to be perfect and warm for your Oriental wedding. Then we can help you with your choices: a pleasant decoration, a cosy place, Oriental music and even a cocktail and dinner full of traditional flavours! Impress your guests with an amazing day that will become, with all its glamour, an oasis of wonders in a desert of gloom. So make the instant shine and let your Oriental heart talk!

An exotic atmosphere

First you must create your own universe, the one that best suits you. For this, you can use an Oriental decoration that will bring light and warmth in the room. For a chic and noble ambiance, you can opt for elegant decorative features, thoroughly displayed. For instance, you can choose white tablecloths covered with warm-colors – chocolate and orange, for instance – table runners for a subtle effect. To complete the tables, you can add some wrought iron mini palaces, with candles inside for a cocooning atmosphere. Don't hesitate to add small palmtrees to bring a touch of nature. Sublimate the decoration by displaying small mirrors or cinnamon sticks on the tables, to complete the whole! So that this wonderful ambiance fits the rest of all the ceremony, you must choose a worthy dinner! Impress both your guests and their stomachs! For the cocktail and dinner, opt for Oriental dishes and specialities that you know well and you like. For instance, for the cocktail, libanese mezzes are very famous and will please both adults and children! Then end your meal with traditional mint tea which will make everyone happy! You will be able to specify the thematic of your ceremonyon the wedding announcement, which will also be of an Oriental style. The J3120 design is colorful and meticulously made. If you want to put more gold in your guest’s box letters, then you should choose the J3101 design, which will let the sun shine in their hearts!

A few notes from Orient

Of course, Oriental music will be streamed to complete the thematic of the day. For the cocktail first, we suggest you an acoustical group that will play soft and typical music from Orient. This friendly time must allow the guests to discuss with a refined music in the background. For the most enthusiastics, have a group of Oriental dancers coming in! They will know how to ambiance your incredible party by sprinkling the moment with fine glitters. With a smile, they will take your guests in a land of magic and fairies... For the dancing, you can choose a DJ who will stream Oriental music and will know, in addition to the true classics, the hits from there. Open the doors of your palace and give your guests a golden and gleaming day. Share your happiness through a universe that suits you, and that will make your stars shine again and again...