Some history : the traditions of Muslim wedding

According to the Koran, certain conditions are to be met in order to perform the Arab marriage, reflecting the traditions. For this gold and sequins celebration to be an emotional moment, Muslim religion’s customs are to be respected. The woman is of course free to accept or not her future husband’s proposal, but the latter must come from him. A wedding document is then written between the fiancé and the bride’s father, who must have his daughter’s approval in order to sign the contract.  Finally, in order to validate the Muslim wedding of the two spouses,  Maghrebin or not, civil marriage must be performed beforehand. For the record, when pregnancy is ongoing, the wedding proposal can take place only after childbirth !


An Oriental wedding in an atmosphere of change of scenery

Source of change of scenery and escape, an Oriental wedding is enhanced by cultural diversity and Arab and Muslim traditions. Then opt for a conventional Oriental wedding, with buffet and food with flavours from the Orient, rich in tastes, in colours ans spices. Choose a cosy and warm  atmosphere in a setting like The Tales of the Arabian Nights, and play princess Sheherazade ! You can choose warm colours like red, yellow, orange, gold or emerald green, like princess Jasmine !

Set the tables with coloured silk table-runners matching with chosen colours, bet on candles and place some mini forged-iron palaces to sublimate the decoration. Try to announce your theme in your Oriental wedding invitations, by opting for elegance and simplicity : rather use gildings and Arabic calligraphies to announce this bright day awaiting the guests !


Oriental romance

For your Arab wedding, you can focus on softer notes, for a romantic Arab style. The result will then be more refined, more modern and sober. For a decoration worthy of a romance, choose white lanterns, petals of white roses, copper metals, white veilings and candlesticks. Give your table centers a touch of pink. This gentle Oriental theme will bring much freshness, for a wedding between  authenticity, traditions et modernity. In your hair, you can for instance use a golden headband accessorized with some roses. Smoothly and surely your guests will embark on a flying carpet, and you will bring them in elegant, soft and chic Wonderland. This theme of the revisited Oriental wedding  will bring much light and warmth, sublimating the Arab class.


Retro Oriental wedding

Create a new universe for your Muslim wedding, and fly away in the heart of Roaring Twenties’ baroque exoticism !  For this purpose, bet on colourful and almost Hindu patterns silk fabrics for clothes and decoration, adorn yourself with golden flowers and become a Byzantine icon for a much different Oriental bride’s vision. Choose flower patterns to become a revisited Oriental princess and bring a touch of retro and vintage in your accessories : emerald green sequined shoes, red lipstick and turquoise eyeshadow, and let your loitering bring you to the Bosporus shores…

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