My wedding : I love, therefore I eat !

Get your wands ready ! To bring a touch of magic to your wedding, make this convivial moment an unforgettable pleasure. Between joys and smiles, your guests accompany you and share this happiness with you… Then for these « yummy hours » to become a delight, opt for original food and for stands which will impress your guests. In order to make the party even more enchanted, sprinkle the moment with unusual flavours, shake up traditions, awaken tastes and make this special day an acidulated one… Here is a hint of ideas to amaze the taste buds and to make this fairy day shine !


A myriad of sweets for your cocktail

Classic cocktails with their parade of petit-fours… For a change, you can choose stands run by specialised caterers. At teatime, you can first let your guests experience a candy bar.  A real return in childhood, this famous bar full of sweets will colour your tables and illuminate the setting. In transparent glass jars, marshmallows and Tagada strawberries are joining in the party for the pleasure of everyone !  You can also propose a candy-floss stand, or even a popcorn or a waffle stand, reminding you sweets of yesteryear... This hint of memories is also perfect if you chose a Vintage theme, already suggested on your wedding invitation such as models J0466_UK or J3270_UK. The afternoon shall be high in colours, guests will be delighted ! A bit later, make way for salty food… To make your cocktail sparkle, you can propose various kinds of stands, with quality products. These friendly workshops are often run by a caterer who manages everything ! From ham to foie gras slicing, there will be something for everyone! From delicacies to surprises, your guests will also enjoy meat or fish grilled on plancha, skewers or even oysters. Very trendy and offering a wide range of tastings, this cocktail will brighten your guests !


A food truck for the day after my wedding

Original and casual brunch on the day after the wedding is very fashionable ! Dare these famous gastronomic trucks ! Real invitations to travel, they complete this last day and shake up the classic caterer’s habits. Chic, traditional, marine or exotic, they hide many delicacies ! Escape ! You may choose a specific theme for lunchtime, you even have the right to hamburgers ! Often gastronomic or organic, the latter are made with fresh and quality products. For the most exotic among you, you may opt for Mexican tacos, very fashionable and friendly. You can of course be more conventional ! You may choose a brunch, home-made salads,  fresh sandwiches or even bagels, very trendy. To accompany this warm atmosphere, you may ask your guests to dress according to a chosen theme.  Inform them about how they should dress on your wedding invitation! Be crazy ! Whether your guests wear a sailor striped jersey or country accessories for instance, the most important is that it matches your own image, which is the best ! Everyone has different tastes, then… Charm the palate of the gourmets, arouse the senses and surprise the connoisseurs ! Make this day an enchanted interlude, rich in flavours !