Original ideas for your upcoming wedding

For your upcoming wedding you might be looking for something a bit more fun, a bit more original. A bit more YOU! We all had our fair share of weddings and let’s be honest, the ones that stand out the most are the quirky and extravagant ones.

So we listed a couple of our favourite wedding ideas here for you!

Design a fantastic RSVP card

You send your invitation well in advance and then… you wait. If you want your guests to remember to RSVP, maybe this tip will help!

Pre-wedding get together

Have a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get acquainted with one another. Not only will you spend a great day with your spouse and friends, they will also get to know each other a whole lot better and will look even more forward to the big day.

Grandma as flower girl

If you are lucky enough to spend the day with your grandmother(s), she will probably love to be part of this as your flower girl.

Tell your story on the aisle

We love this idea since it is so simple to put together. Embellish a paper aisle runner with your love story; first time you met, first kiss, the proposal. Be creative! Or how about the lyrics to YOUR song or pictures of the both of you! A favourite poem? Either choice will give a lot of personality to the ceremony. Put it all together on the runner and have a last look down as you walk down the aisle.

Plant a tree

Plant a tree as newlyweds and watch the love grow year by year. Afterwards wouldn’t it be great to take pictures next to it every year on your anniversary!

Have a fun cake topper

Cake toppers nowadays come in so many different shapes and sizes and if you are having a cake, why not have one with a fun topper.

Have a waffle bar

Honestly, who does not want their own, personal waffle bar! All you need is a paper table runner, some fell tips, waffles and different kinds of toppings. Divide the waffle runner in easy to follow steps and let your guests create their own desert!

  • Step 1: take waffle
  • Step 2: add topping
  • Step 3: add sprinkles
  • Step 4: enjoy!

Have a ball pit

Seriously, not just for the children at your wedding but maybe for a couple of adults as well! Fun guaranteed

Personalized shoes

Converse has a great option for all of you dance floor lovers! You can order your very own Converse dance shoes for the reception. Personalize your pair with Mr. & Mrs. His and Hers…

Dancing shoes for guests

Dancing alert! Add a big basket of comfortable slippers or flip-flops in fun colours that your guests can put on when they hit the floor (or have been for a bit too long). Trust us, they will thank you for it…

Add some sparkle

For a great effect on evening wedding pictures you can hand out sparkles!

Hire a food truck for a late night snack

After hours on the dance floor, a late-night snack is often very welcome! How about a food truck?
Hamburgers, ice-cream, hotdogs… you name it and it’s possible! Nothing better than having a little snack before hitting the dance floor again!

Globe guestbook

Instead of having a regular paper guestbook, we really like this idea of a globe guestbook.
Have guests from around the world mark the globe with a little message.

Candy Bar

Instead of favours have quests fill up little boxes or bags with their favourite type of candy