Cookies and Biscuits


You can choose small brownies, cookies or biscuits settled on nice displays. Those treats will enchant your guests. If you choose the sablés, have them in a heart or butterfly shape for a romantic vintage.

For the brownies, you can ask the baker to decorate them with a golden ribbon, for a guaranteed luxurious effect! These treats will be delicious and enchanting, for the eyes as much as for the taste buds!


Pies for my wedding


The pies, to share or on individual pieces, allow several choices of flavours! Fruit or chocolate pies, you can decide between different flavours so that everyone is happy.

Settled, for example, on wooden displays, they will bring authenticity to the ceremony and recall past memories: granny's pies in the countryside...


Cupcakes and Macaroons


To add sweet and delicate colours, opt for a wedding cake made of macaroons, that will also bring romance and luxury to the ceremony. You can also choose several colours! For a sweet effect, opt for white and powder pink colours. The cupcakes will bring delicacy to the ceremony, and, best of all, they're very trendy!

If you choose this dessert, you can match it with your wedding invitation or your menu, like, for instance, with our N16C218 model, which is made in a quality paper.


Waffles and Crepes


If you want an out-of-the-ordinary dessert, opt for a waffles and crepes bar where they will be made in front of the guests!

Delicious, they will be eaten warm and your guests will be able to choose how they will garnish them, for a bigger pleasure! Provide big quantities, for the guests will be delighted and will want more and more!




As Homer Simpson, you can try a donut display with different flavours. Well settled and decorated, they can absolutely match a chic and spirited wedding.

You will surely please a lot of people and enchant children as much as adults!