Cell phones ringing constantly, traffic jams and just daily routine can be stressful for people. Add being pregnant to the equation and the questions and anxiety that go along with it and you’ll understand that our bodies require a little bit of extra love and tenderness at this time.

Be gentle to yourself

Or as to quote Mika’s famous words “Relax, take it eaeaeasy!” What many women don't realize is that, in and of itself, pregnancy is a stressful event. Your heart rate increases, your blood volume increases, your weight increases, there is additional stress on ligaments and bones. Just the physical aspects of pregnancy can add to your load. Especially if this is your first one, so many questions can be going on in your head. If you are one to worry or fret, remember, it's normal to be a bit stressed about the changes that are happening in your life and to your body. Take a breath... Even if you experience a major stressful event, a good support system, good nutrition, and time for relaxation every day is usually enough to counter the stress effects, protecting you and your baby. And yes, eating well is good for your mind and body and can even help you to relax so this should get the attention it deserves.

My bump, my bump

It’s good if you and your baby can relax! Take time to focus on the bump! Create relaxing moments that focus on you and the little one. Choose activities that allow you to relax both physically and calm your mind at the same time. Chat and sing to your unborn baby. Did you know that from about 23 weeks, he or she can hear you? This is the time to take out all of your old Glee dvd’s and sing along! Or just take the afternoon, enjoy a nice cup of tea and wind down with a good book. There are wonderful pregnancy pillows that enable you to read in the perfect position! These little moments are precious and will help you to clear your mind and connect to the baby. Take time to focus on what you enjoy doing such as reading, writing, drawing, or even think about how to style the nursery or choose your baby announcements. Sit yourself down, take your tablet or favourite book and allow yourself to get lost. If you’re feeling a bit more artsy, try colouring books with different themes. If you haven’t drawn or used colouring books for a long time we get that this might sound a bit weird but give it a try! Something as simple as colouring helps us focus on one single thing which can be deeply relaxing.

How to relax

A pregnant body is a body that changes constantly. This constant change can ask a lot and can even cause aches and pains such as back pain, or pain in the hips. Special massages for pregnant woman are wonderful for this. If you can, have the massage done by a specialist who knows exactly what he or she is doing. If not, you could go for the DIY version or the LTHDI version (Let the Hubby Do It)! Opt for organic oils with argon, karate or almond. The smells will help you relax on a physical level as well mentally. Be careful with essential oils though as some of them are not suitable for pregnant women.
Pregnancy yoga not only tones and stretches your body, but teaches you breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. These techniques are good for helping you to control your anxieties.

Relaxation can also come from just pampering yourself! Going to the hairdresser for a fresh new haircut can be very relaxing indeed. Often you can even get a nice head massage at the same time leaving you both radiant and full of new energy. One of our clients mentioned that her ultimate form of relaxation was “going for a pedicure”! “Have you ever tried grooming your feet when being 8 months pregnant?” It can make taking care of this part of your body rather complicated!

Listen to your body! If you’re feeling tired, take a nap. Remember that your body is working hard to nourish and create this wonderful being inside of you so give it time to recover. You and your bundle of joy deserve it!