A luxurious wedding invitation ?

If you want no regrets, then opt for a creative and luxurious wedding invitation that will surely impress your guests. If you want something in a more classic but still fancy and refined style, you can choose a white grit sand paper with embossed cushion style patterns enhanced with silver hot stamped points. For example, you can choose the J3040 model with a fancy and unique design. It is delivered with a satin ribbon that completes the model. And to make the eyes of the receivers sparkle, you can customize it with strass !

If you want warm burgundy or red colours, let yourself be tempted by the very chic J0125 pocketfold, which will enchant your eyes and fingers with its remarkable embossed baroque patterns and its hot stamped traditional bright red hearts that enhance the model. Made with a beautiful burgundy sand paper, the elegant J3244 wedding card will impress your guests, while being quite affordable given its excellent quality.

Some nice iridescent effects to make your cards sparkle...

Why not be tempted by the magnificient J3024 « Two silver hearts on grey iridescent pocket » model ? Indeed, its lovely 260gr high class and prestigious paper tastefully combines the iridescent effect of its exceptional medium and the white mat side of the interior insert where your customized text will be printed. The quality is surely undeniable, and your guests are not likely to forget the moment when they discover le card in the pocketfold... And at that very moment, the tone of the event along with all that is important about the big day, will be revealed thanks to the wedding invitation and what it reflects !

Quality papers throughout the whole wedding ceremony

Best of cards allows you to choose your wedding invitations and cards, all composed with a quality paper, at an affordable price. To stay coherent and keep a luxurious paper throughout the whole day, opt for our wedding table place cards, menus and even sugar almonds boxes, all made with care and technicality.

To make your dinner shine, you can choose a trendy, modern and fancy menu like our B0143 model, on which the word « menu » is written in pearly gold on a chocolate coloured paper with a unique « skin touch » !

For the big event, you need to forget about the same basic paper that every websites provide ! For the same price, Best of cards can provide you with high class and luxurious papers, which will give the tone for this classy, refined, prestigious and romantic day...