Retro and art deco wedding

The Roaring Twenties  

After the First World War, people have not lost their taste for celebration and are entering a period where the art of having fun becomes a priority. A new generation then dreams of a sublimated and luminous world!

In the entertainment world, the United States influences Europe with its shows and music. Josephine Baker personifies the Charleston dance, jazz and black music... The cabarets fill up while the ballets and music-halls like café-concert develop.

Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote his novel The Great Gatsby, a reflection of the Roaring Twenties in American literature. Magic book of the time of luxury and whisky, it could well inspire you for your wedding... From page to page, make your dream come true!


An art deco inspired wedding

For your wedding, choose a manor-type place, where glass chandeliers, noble materials, feathers, diamonds, gold and black will be there. On your tables for example, bet on silk and gold, sprinkle with sequins and retro photophores.

Choose elements with elaborate details and luxurious ornaments. On your guests' napkins, put white and golden feathers to sublimate the whole. Opt for a softened light that will remind the clandestine bars typical of the prohibition era, and succumb to your temptations...


Bride and groom outfit

The wedding dress should of course be of the 1920s style, chic and glamorous, with accessories such as pearls and diamonds. Bet on white gloves, jewellery like long pearl necklaces, and of course in your hair opt for large flowers, lace and feathers. On the make-up side, the lips are red and the eyes are very black-marked, for a smoky eyes effect. Gentlemen, you can choose a very chic black tuxedo, of the Roaring Twenties type, or dare to wear a white suit, a bow tie or even a striped tuxedo with a gangster hat. Reminder of Al Capone, it will also reflect these years of prohibition...

For your guests, you can impose a Charleston or Roaring Twenties dress code, which you will announce in your wedding invitation. Indeed, an additional card is often delivered automatically and will allow you to add this information.

Retro Bride


Cocktail time

Create a very glamorous Hollywood atmosphere where champagne fountains will refresh your guests, while the Whisky bar served in retro glasses will take them back in time. Concerning music, you must absolutely have jazz or a saxophonist to remind your guests of this mythical period when the carelessness of the inter-war period reigned, and to transport your guests to the heart of the Roaring Twenties.

If you can get a gramophone or an old turntable for a vintage and authentic decoration, you will be sure to bring your guests between dream and escape... You can also install a small casino corner with big velvet chairs and a poker table, and leave cigars at disposal, for a very original entertainment before dinner.

Vintage Turntable


Dancing time

Of course, your first dance shall be a Charleston one, and play music of the 1920s at least in the early evening. Indeed, it will then be necessary to vary so that your guests can dance and not get tired of it. If you are perfectionists to the end, don't hesitate to hire a dance teacher who will teach your guests a few steps. Start with dedicated music by playing Jelly Roll Morton, Kid Ory, Cole Porter or Josephine Baker ! The retro and crazy atmosphere will be guaranteed!