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Same sex marriage

Marriage is commonly seen as a big thing and same-sex marriage isn’t any different in that aspect! A fair deal of time can go into preparing for the big day and questions about style, colour and who to invite can keep you quite busy!

Since spring this year, gay and lesbian couples in England, Scotland and Wales can walk down the aisle smiling as they announce their official partnership (those already in civil partnerships can choose to convert their relationships to marriage, via a procedure expected to be in place by the end of the year, but are under no obligation to do so).

If you do happen to be in a same-sex couple that has decided to tie the knot officially, congratulations! This occasion should of course be celebrated.

Unfortunately not all wedding invitations and/or stationary is suitable since many will mention husband and wife or Mr. and Mrs. We therefore developed a range of wedding announcements for all kinds of equal marriage, whether you are looking for gay wedding announcements or invites to your lesbian wedding. We also tried to cater for as many different styles as possible because we know that everybody likes to have a choice!

Celebrate this very special occasion together with us and have a look at our latest wedding announcements for gay and lesbian couples!