Wedding Dress Fitting

Make yourself pretty, almost like at the wedding

It is not necessary to have the hairstyle of the big day, however try to make yourself beautiful. Use make-up and do your hair, because it’s much easier to feel like a princess with a nice complexion, beautiful make-up and neat hair! If you do not make the effort, you will not be able to project yourself and you will find everything ugly!

Make an appointment

Don't forget to make an appointment at the shop. For some stores or fashion designers, the waiting period can be as long as two months. Before each appointment, think about studying the catalogue, as most shops limit the number of dresses to try. Defining a budget is crucial, so that you don't have a crush on a dress you can't afford.


Come with a small group you trust

The bride traditionally makes the fittings with her mummy. If you get along well with yours, don't hesitate to share this moment of complicity with her. She will also be able to tell you things frankly, without being hurtful. You can also choose your best friend, who will not pretend! In short, choose someone you trust and who will be frank!


Think of the underwear 

To avoid demarcations under the wedding dress, wear light or even flesh-coloured underwear. Also remember to take a strapless bra with you, in case you try bustier models.


Feel comfortable !

It is essential to feel comfortable in your wedding dress. Don't hesitate to raise your arms and move, as if you had to say hello or dance! Test several movements and positions to make you feel reassured, and to be sure to be at ease. Being uncomfortable in your gown could ruin your wedding day!


Think it through

You may think several times you have found the dress of your dreams... Give yourself a little time to think it through, and don't hesitate to look elsewhere if you find an other « crush » model. Sometimes you also have to see again the selected dresses, and try them again! Be 100% sure of your choice!