Woman surprised by her fiancé

Planning a wedding is a busy, wonderful and time-consuming enterprise. But all those months of planning and effort will be well worth it as they highlight into one fantastic day. With all that hustle and bustle, there is hardly any time to sit down and show each other the appreciation or love you feel. Do! Marrying the love of your life? Here’s that chance to do something special. Helping you with a couple of ideas on how to make your bride-to-be feel over the moon, pre-wedding and D-Day!

Wedding wow-factor

If you have the budget to wow, then by all means wow ahead! Hire her favourite band to play a song at the wedding, have a love message written in the sky or plan a spectacular ending to the evening with fireworks! We admit that this is not for everybody but it will definitely wow your love (and her sister, mother, friends and bride’s maids… probably everybody for that matter).

Pre-wedding gestures

Send her and her maids off to a day at the spa for some necessary pampering. Provide some matching (bride & maids) towels, champagne and strawberries! She will love it, come home relaxed and replenished.

Getting married the 10th? Then every 10th of the previous months, send her a small token like a bouquet of flowers, a small gift or treatment that she would like to get but can’t afford (teeth whitening, nail treatment. Your local esthetician might have some interesting wedding deals).

Make her a love mix cd. A list of all your favourite songs, songs that mean something to the two of you; the first song you ever danced to, her favourite dance tune etc…

Something you could give her the day of the wedding that takes a bit of preparing is a detailed scrapbook, filled with love notes and poems collected throughout the year(s).

The day of the wedding

The day of days! Time seems to go double speed the day of your wedding and between kissing and hugging friends and family; you’d almost forget to spend most of your time together! In order to really live today together, a couple of ideas could help you get started.

  • Write it

Not spending the morning together but expressive with a pen? Write her couple of secret love notes that one of her maids will give her throughout the beginning of the day. For instance, she’ll have one while waking up, after getting ready and before the ceremony. Instead of writing several small notes, you can also write her a beautiful love letter that you’ll give (or exchange if both of you are writing one) right before the ceremony. Use a special pen to write her a love note under the sole of her wedding shoe.

  • Photo/camera

We heard of a wonderful idea in which a groom recorded his proposal but didn’t show his bride until their wedding day. You can imagine how surprised she was! This does take some planning ahead but will definitely be worth it! If you’re a handy man (or woman), surprise her by building a wall, photo booth style including framed childhood and family photos of the both of you. By adding two central frames, your guests can also have a lot of fun with it during their photo sessions. One of the most popular wedding surprises is still the video/photo compilation from first date to marriage!

  • Food/drinks

Plan a breakfast for two the morning of your wedding to ease into the day or have breakfast in bed delivered to her if you won’t spend the morning together. Have champagne and strawberries or a selection of chocolates delivered to her during her preparations. Not only is it tasty and thoughtful, many brides forget to eat while prepping because of the lack of time.

  • Dance

A real John Travolta on the dance floor? Show it! Prepare a little show with your groom’s men, friends or (why not), create a flash mob choreography for your guests! For this, tape yourself dancing and send it to all guests so they can prepare. Then, during the big day, gather everybody and start with your groomsmen/friends. Afterwards, ask all guests to join in. Talking about a surprise!

Planning a little surprise will definitely remind her why she’s marrying you today. Just picture that smile on her face. Go ahead! She’s so worth it!