The good reasons to hire a wedding planner

Wedding planner: history and role

The profession has been known in England since the 1980s, although it was still reserved for the privileged at that time. It really began to develop in 2001, after the release of the film "Wedding Planner" in which Jennifer Lopez played. As a true business woman, she perfectly embodies the role of this trade which then becomes very fashionable!

In the United States, the term bridal's consultant will then be used. It is also in this country that the wedding planning market is the most developed. But other countries such as India, with its romantic and colourful Bollywood-style weddings, are witnessing a real boom in the business.

A true conductor of your wedding, the professional wedding planner can manage the organization from A to Z, thus sparing you any source of stress. There are different formulas, either complete or more targeted, such as only D-day logistics for example. As a trustworthy interlocutor, he or she must be your referent, attentive and available. It is therefore important to choose her or him carefully!


The good reasons to hire a wedding planner


A wedding with complete serenity

The main reason to use a wedding planner is to avoid stress and anxiety, for the entire upstream organisation first, but also on D-Day, in order to allow you to fully enjoy your guests and the day, often the most beautiful of your life ! With real support, you will feel relieved and understood, and can live this moment with a free and peaceful mind.


The good reasons to hire a wedding planner


A successful wedding

The wedding planner is a professional who often has a well-filled address book, and works with trusted service providers. Thus, according to your desires, your wedding theme and your requests, he will be able to find the perfect person. Beforehand, he or she helps you choose the caterer, the venue, the decoration, the photographer, the DJ and the sending of the announcements, and on the day of the event, he or she manages the preparation of the room, the reception of the service providers and the management of risks. Thus, he fully participates in a successful wedding that looks like you and your image, while doing things according to your agreement. He also knows all the latest trends and news in the weding and fashion areas!

Better control of your budget

If hiring a person or agency to organize your wedding has a cost (about 10% of the total wedding budget), this investment is actually wise, because the wedding planner knows how to make you spend money usefully, knows the rates and scams. In addition, he knows your budget and will make sure that everything fits into the final cost. He can also negotiate prices with service providers with whom he is used to working, which is sometimes even cheaper.


The good reasons to hire a wedding planner