The Post-wedding Brunch

The big night is over, you are officially married! After all the hustle and bustle what better way to wind down and spend the first day as a married couple than surrounded by friends and family? If you’re not leaving straight for your honeymoon, having a brunch the morning after your wedding is a nice, relaxed choice to spend some more time with your guests and to make sure that those from out of town leave with some needed energy after all that dancing the night before. Here are a couple of ideas that will get you started.


The brunch is usually for the couple’s family and for guests out of town but this is of course completely up to yourselves. Guests awaiting a long drive home will thank you for this. Often, the brunch is less formal than the wedding itself. If your guests have been partying until late, do not plan the brunch too early. Instead give yourself and your guests time to wake up and relax into the day. No stress, morning naturally sets a more mellow tone. Start between 10-11 a.m. and count at least two hours for the brunch.

The venue

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member with a big garden, don’t look any further! All you need to do is rent tables, chairs and maybe a tent in case of rain. Or, you could go for a more rustic option and have a couple of picnic blankets and fluffy cushions, boho style! Additionally, having the brunch in someone’s garden will help keep costs down. If this is not an option, ask the wedding venue if it’s possible to rent the morning after or ask the hotel where your guests are staying for a good price. Often reception sites are less expensive to rent in the daytime.

Use decoration from the wedding such as center prices and flowers to still have the same festive feel throughout the day.

What should we serve?

Brunch is best served buffet or picnic style allowing you to move around, chat and have fun. Besides, your guests might be leaving at different times so a buffet is an easier option as well. Couples traditionally serve eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and pastries but hey, it’s your party! Serve whatever food tickles your fancy! Pancakes? A cereal station? Add a couple of lighter food choices too. Your guests’ stomach may not be ready yet to handle heavy food right away. Think easy to put together things such as fresh juices, hot beverages, fruits and vegetable tarts. Some left-over wine or champagne? Why not. But go easy on the liquor; it might not even be noon! Consider offering it after something has been eaten.

Tip: Did we mention it’s OK to serve a wedding cake made out of waffles?!

No need to send extra invites for your brunch, just add it to your enclosure card that you can slip into the envelope of the wedding invitation. The cards can be as formal or informal as the brunch itself.

Hosting an after-wedding brunch is easier than you might have imagined... Just make sure to go at it slowly and let yourself ease into the day. Enjoy the company of friends and family a bit longer