Things to think about for an outdoor wedding


A glamorous and bucolic wedding

Charming, the idea of an open-air wedding seduces many people. Indeed, the glow of candles, the old trees on which a swing or a photo booth is housed, the country flowers, the sky with stars and a sunset as far as the eye can see make people travel and promise a unique wedding... Propitious to reverie, this theme inspires and captivates hearts. To make sure this day is perfect, think of everything!

 Outdoor wedding

A place with a solution in case of rain

If you opt for an outdoor wedding, think about a solution in case of bad weather. When choosing the place, you can first ask if it is well protected from the wind. Favour a plot with a shelter nearby (room, castle, old house) where you can go if it rains. If you prefer a real field with nothing around, think of renting tents, under which you can shelter your guests and the caterer. On your wedding invitation, do not hesitate to announce this natural and rustic theme, and choose your cards adapted to it!



You will need power supply for light, music and perhaps catering or some food stations. It is therefore advisable to rent generators and to anticipate the rental. Remember to plan more, you may need to connect more things on D-Day. For a cosy and romantic atmosphere, opt for small garlands of light in the style of a guinguette, and candles or photophores everywhere! You can also buy some torches for your guests, so that they can go to the toilet for example, whether it is in the room if there is one, dry or chemical if you rent the necessary equipment.


Outdoor wedding


Accessories to be planned

In case of rain or cold weather, plan umbrellas, which can also be the original wedding gift that your guests can leave with if you choose them with taste and in the theme of the day. Also place blankets on the chairs so that your guests can put them on their shoulders during dinner, and women on their legs in dresses! A small and very delicate attention, it will please everyone!

If it is very hot, you can include pretty country-style umbrellas or straw hats in your decoration, which can also be a perfect guest gift. Place them on a table, near a wicker basket or small slates on which you can write pretty words, for a natural decoration. You can also distribute sunglasses, flip-flops or fans, for a bohemian chic spirit!

Mosquito sprays and a small first aid kit with disinfectant and bandages are also a good idea, just in case!


A stable floor

Whether it is for your workshops (candy bar, lemonade bar, caterer, etc.) or for your dance floor, think of a stable and straight floor, because outside there is often dirt or sand, which can be embarrassing for guests and for heels! A stable floor will make all the difference in setting the dancefloor on fire!

Outdoor wedding