Post-wedding party

Why don't we brunch?

Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, and is often taken in the late morning or early afternoon. Sweet treats can be proposed (croissants or chocolate croissants, cereals, pancakes, muffins, etc.), but also salty food (salads, pies, quiches, eggs, bacon, meat, fish, etc.). Very fashionable, brunch is a flexible, friendly and pleasant way to gather your guests on Sunday. A chic and trendy meal, it allows you to spend a special time with your guests, during which you will have more time to discuss and share. Indeed, it will be the opportunity to have time for your guests, more than on D-day.

 Wedding brunch

Who to invite?

If you want all your guests from the day before to be present, that's quite possible! However, it is to be noted that the post-wedding party is often done with a smaller group, for a more intimate moment during which you will want to enjoy the closest ones. Close friends, family and witnesses are often invited. Don't forget to add to your wedding invitation, for those you wish to come back the next day, an additional and optional card (delivered automatically in most cases) that you can customize.


A themed post-wedding party

You can opt for a brunch with a theme, such as a cake bar, a bagel bar, or a toast bar for instance. If this theme has a particular symbolism (depending on where you come from for instance), play the game to the end and impose a dress code  in your wedding announcement. You can also ask your guests to dress like sailors and propose a seafood brunch with oysters and white wine tasting. If the theme of your wedding was bohemian or rustic, organize a big lunch in nature like a giant picnic, garden party style! As a more relaxed day, it makes it possible to do what you could not on the D-Day as it is often a more informal enchanted parenthesis : you will be more available for your guests, so make the most of it!

Fruit juice bar


A food truck

For a very original effect and a vintage touch, bring a food truck where the cook takes care of everything and on demand! This small truck equipped with everything necessary to cook, and which is often seen in the streets, will be a true entertainment for the day after your wedding. Mexican with tacos, hamburgers freshly prepared or pizza truck, this item will occupy space in your decor and bring life to it! Your guests will be seduced by this original initiative!


A barbecue

Classic, barbecuing is friendly and perfect in summer for your after-wedding day ! In a natural setting, you can choose a variety of grilled dishes such as marinated pork ribs, fish skewers, salmon, lemon chicken, grilled vegetables, a prime rib or kafta recipes for an oriental wedding theme for example ! You can of course accompany it with a buffet with cold salads, tabbouleh or mozzarella and tomatoes.

To accompany this warm and friendly moment, opt for some jazzy music and some outdoor games for those who would be interested, and let the story take place : your guests will just want to chat, laugh and relax!